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Buzy Temple * Apiat * Llamas * Activity Barrio California

November 18, 2107

Today is Saturday!  Our last Saturday here in Trujillo.  We decided since we knew today was going to be a busy day with a lot of people coming on buses to participate in temple ordinances, we'd go to get groceries and to souvenirs and just enjoy the day.  

We wanted to see all the buses, so we walked to the place where they park and were surprised to see 5 big buses.  Wayne couldn't believe how big they were.  They had two levels and they all brought people to the temple.  There were some smaller van type buses also.  

I tried to get a picture of all the people from the end the buses were parked at looking toward the temple.  there were a lot of kids waiting to get in the temple to do baptisms.
This was looking at the temple 

We walked over to talk to the guard about the buses and all the people expected to arrive.  He said over 400 people were expected.  He said there were a members trying to get in the temple, and he mentioned that one of the handles on the door came off.  

We walked to the doors to see and there was a big group of young people waiting for their turn to do baptisms.  Wayne visited with them and before we left, they were all laughing.  I never get tired of listening to Wayne speak Spanish to the people here.  

Right handle is broken

Wayne talking to the kids

As we walked around to the front of the temple by the street, I took these pictures because the plants have been changed.  I like the change.

We decided to go to Lamanita's to get a book and necklace for me and we also got some llamas key rings to give to our grand kids.  

We walked on to the mall, enjoying the sights and sounds.  At the mall, they put up a Christmas Tree. 

We went to Tottus to get our last groceries.  

This little girl was laying on the floor.

Isles of Panatone cakes for Christmas.  People buy them by the cases.  It is a funny thing to us, but they sure like them here in Peru.  

We walked back to our apartment to put our groceries away.  There were soooo many people trying to eat in the Comdor.  It was crazy!!

We ate a peanut butter and jam sandwich, then we were off to the Apiat to get a few more llamas and I wanted to get another little pouch purse for my phone.  As we walked out the temple gates, we saw Joseph and Jazmin, they were just coming to do their afternoon shift at the temple.   We were so happy to see them.  They are getting married December 5th.  

Wayne * Joseph * Jazmin

I love the Apiat because they have shops with Peruvian souvenirs and I love looking at all the stuff.  We got the llamas, and some other things, but didn't find the little phone purses.

We found these llamas like the one we bought in 
Huanchaco for Bill and Sandy, but they wouldn't let me buy just one, so we had to buy the whole set, but that was ok with me, now I have 4 of them.

We got some llamas for the grand kids.  They all seem to like them so we got them all another one.  

25 llamas

Wayne found a Peru hat he liked.  

We decided to walk down the pedestrian road, looking in the little shops along the way.  These are some of the pictures I took along the way.

This cart with fruit looked so pretty and delicious, I had to take a picture.  

This method of building just makes no sense to me.  I guess it works.
We found a little Nativity with llamas we'd been looking for?  No, not really, but I wanted the llamas.  It is kind of cute though.

Why would they put llamas with this Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus?  Makes no sense, but I wanted the llamas, we didn't see any other small ones with llamas.  

We stopped at McDonald's by the plaza and got a hot fudge sundae, then we were on our way again.  We walked back to the temple. 

When I googled McDonald's Plaza de Armas Trujillo Peru, I got this picture.  That's Wayne!!  We took this picture two years ago when we visited the plaza.  The Plaza will be forever different because they're fixing it up and replacing the cement.  Almost right where Wayne is standing on that little edge of the cement, is where Sister Hartman fell, and was such a great sport about it, that day we went with them to the Post Office, Mayorista and the Plaza.  After the remodel, that uneven and shiny cement will be gone.  It gave the Plaza it's own look.  

There are a few little souvenir shops on the way back to the temple that we stopped at and found a couple of little purses that my phone fits in, not what I was looking for, but they'll do.

When we got back to the temple, we saw our friend Brother Figgini.  We were so happy to see him.  He seems happy and doing well.  

Wayne and Brother Figgini

There were still people all over the temple grounds.  It was really quite a sight.

Brother Arrasque was with some of his friends from Piura

Lots of people

The handle on the door got fixed

Brother Vasquz came in a taxi, Wayne helped him to the desk inside the temple.

 4 generations!  

We had a bunch of sealing we wanted to get finished up, so we decided to do those.  We should have known better.  We were able to witness a sealing of a daughter to her parents and the daughter's husband was the proxy for the brother who was also sealed to the parents. It was pretty neat.  After the sealing was finished, Brother Guevara stopped doing sealings so we'll do them Tuesday or when we get home.   

We always worked the Saturday night shift, so we know the workers on that shift quite well.  We were happy to see them all, give them hugs, and then say goodbye to them. 

The California ward had a ward activity at 6:00 pm.  so we got ready and went to the activity.  It was a missionary activity with a carnival type theme.  When we arrived, we got some cotton candy and a balloon, they divided us up in groups and we went to different stations where they did an activity and talked about missionary work hen we all rotated through all the stations.  Wayne and I didn't go with a group, but it was fun.  

Pedro and his wife were writing their testimony in Book of Mormons


The one in the front is Brother Salirosas.  He's a brave young man!

Brother Sagastagi


Bishop Palma

Missionaries talking to investigators

When we got back to the temple, there was a special session going on in the temple with a group from Mansarat and Laureles.  Brother Bustamonte was there and asked wanted Wayne to meet him after the session, he had something he wanted Wayne to take back to Brother and Sister Hartman.  

Sister Luz Bastos was just going home, she's the Saturday night cordinator for the sisters. I was so happy Wayne got a picture of her.  

WOW!! What a day!

It was a good one!

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