Sunday, November 12, 2017

Primavera * Laraules

Nov. 12,2017

For our Sunday Meetings thoda, we went to the Primavera ward at 9:00 am.  They were doing the Primary Program, so we were happy to be there and to see some of our friends.  This is Oscar's ward, he's the Bishop.  I didn't get a picture of him though.  

Kids getting ready for the meeting.

Sister Solis was so surprised to see us and we were do glad to see her.

This lady was pone of the cooks in the comedor.  She baked the desserts.  She is here with her grand children.  

We left this meeting and went to the Laureles ward to see their Primary Program.  We knew we would be late, but we also wanted to see our temple friends in that ward. 

When we got to the church and walked in the back door, these two saw us walk up the hall and ran out to greet us.  

Amy and Annalli
Great friends!

When we got there, we saw this going from the entrance to the chapel.

Footprints to the chapel

Bulletin Board for the program

We could hear the kids singing as we got to the chapel.  I took this picture of them singing since I couldn't take any pictures in the chapel.

Just some of our friends.

Old friends!  We love him!

Brother Bustamonte

Nicole, our dear friend 

Sister Zavaleta on the left our friend from the temple

Sister Caceda our friend from the temple.

We had a good Sunday.  After the meetings, we came back to our apartment, I fixed us some lunch, Bistek in sauce, mashed potatoes, orange jello with whip cream.  It tasted good.
I made a cake last night so we will have that for dessert.  

We've enjoyed our first week in Trujillo.  It been fun seeing people and feeling the spirit they have about them.  I'm so glad we decided to come for a few weeks.    

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