Monday, November 13, 2017

Tiendas * Chili's * Ship

November 13, 2017

I've always like Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  As I looked for a Monday greeting I liked this one.  

This morning Wayne finished reading Greg's book.  He commented about many events as he read them.  I heard him laugh and saw him wipe a few tears.  When he finished the book, he said it was just like he remembered growing up.  He said he would follow Greg around and did what he did, so it was a story of his life too.  I'm glad he's found time while were here in Trujillo to read this book again.  

Book Written By Greg 

Wayne took this picture of the new tower they put up across the way from the window of our apartment.  It's straight, maybe it will last a long time. 

The Tulipanda Shop on the street to the mall  
You can see me and Wayne in the reflection on the glass.

Little restaurant

Decorating shop.  Yesterday they had the Volkswagen with the sign on top sitting on the curb.

Strpied Watermelons

This little lady sits there in front of her house every day.  We always greet her as we pass.  

Cebiche Peruano closed.  I didn't even last a year. 

Subway is closed!!  
We liked eating there, very American.


Wayne and I went to Chili's for lunch.  Today is Monday and we could hardly wait to have the Chicken Fired Chicken special.  We shared a meal and had frozen limonade con granadina.  It was delicious!

We enjoyed the lunch!

As we left, we noticed a new Crocs store coming just past Pizza Hut.

We have watched this ship be built for about a week now.  Finally they unveiled it.  Not sure what it's all about, but it looks pretty neat.  

They also unveiled these little places to get your picture taken which goes along with the ship theme.
Mermaid Jan

King Wayne

As we passed this store, we both thought it was kind of a cute way to announce that it's Spring in Trujillo.  
Look at the donkey's smile!
(not Wayne either)

It's hard to believe it's Fall in Utah since it is such nice weather her in Trujillo. 

We had a wonderful Monday!  

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