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Brief Stay In Lima

Brief Stay In Lima
Nov 4th 2017

Sheridan Hotel Lima

Our plans changed again.  When we arrived in Lima at about 11:30 pm, got our luggage and headed for customs.  They just had us walk right by, so we didn't have to send our bags through the scanner or anything, which was great.  We went to the counter to check our bags in for the flight from Lima to Trujillo. Wayne was told our flight to Trujillo was cancelled and we wouldn't be able to fly out to Trujillo  until Saturday night which would put us in Trujillo at about 11:45 pm.  How can they keep doing this to us??  They arranged for a Taxi to take us to the Sheridan Hotel in downtown Lima.  The airlines gave us vouchers to eat in the hotel and we were able to use our room until we went back to the airport which was nice.  So we spent Saturday in Lima.

Our room was on the 15th floor.  We had a beautiful view of the city.

These are pictures of the inside where the rooms were.  It was all open down to the bottom where there were set up wiht a medical convention.

Looking from our floor across

Looking across

Looking down, the medical expo was down there.

Wayne said if he jumped, he could hit the pool.

Looking Up

The medical expo and looking up

Looking up

After a good nights rest, we had breakfast at the buffet in the hotel which was very nice.  We first needed to find a Scotia Bank with and ATM to get some Peruvian money.  We found the ATM in the mall next to the hotel.  We went back to the desk at the hotel to change the big bills. Then we needed to go back to the hotel to traded the big bills for smaller money.  

  We  decided to go to the temple to see if there was anybody there who might know Victor Maximo Guerro, who was Wayne's friend from 42 years ago.  When we were serving our temple mission, Wayne was able to talk to him on the phone.  He wasn't doing very well then so Wayne wanted to see if he could find him to go visit him.  We knew he was in Lima but didn't remember where.  If we were going to spend the day in Lima, we wanted to see if we could find him and visit with him.  

The temple was closed for a month while they did maintenance and cleaning.  It was going to be open again on the 6th.  We talked to the guards, no one knew Brother Guerro.  So we got a taxi and went back to the hotel.    We found a Scotia bank ATM in the mall by the hotel to get some Peruvian money.  We saw many of the same stores that are in the malls in Trujillo.  Plaza Vea was the grocery store.  We walked to the San Marten Plaza.

San Marten Plaza
San Marten Plaza

Across from our hotel was an island between the streets that had these.  
A Peruvian with some Oxen

I love llamas or alpaca.  Something about them and Peru.  

This statue was in the middle of the street.  I thought it was neat and all the advertisements behind on the buildings..

We went to the mall next to the hotel, this kiddie ride was mixed in with all the others.  

Looking down at all the people eating in the food court. It was almost full.

One more of the Hotel.
When Wayne was in Lima as a young missionary 42 years ago, the Sheridan was the fanciest hotel in Lima.  Brother Sanchez was the electrician in this hotel, Wayne has even been on the top floors and the roof.  It was fun to spend the night there and see that it is still one of the fanciest hotels even after 42 years. 

This is our friend Carlos Ibana from Houston.  We met him at the airport.  He was on the same flight to Trujillo that got cancelled so he had to spend the night in Lima too.  He's a nice guy, He must be a manager of a Target store in Houston.  He had two teenage boys.  He was on his way to Trujillo to see his parents, they didn't know he was going to visit.  Someday our paths might cross again.   
We decided that spending Saturday in Lima was a good thing.  We might have tried to have done this very thing,  but didn't want to have the luggage to worry about and the extra cost for another plane ticket and the hotel.  We really enjoyed our stay in Lima.  It was a blessing we didn't anticipate.  

We're finally on our way to Trujillo.  We should arrive at about 11:45 pm. 
We did arrive on time.  Oscar and Brother and Sister Wood were there to greet us.  We were so happy to finally be in Trujillo and to see Oscar, and the Woods.  

We Finally Made It To Trujillo!

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