Friday, January 29, 2016

1/29/2016 Lima temple.

Pictures of the missionaries and friends we saw while we were at the temple.

This the daughter and granddaughters of Pres. & Sister Dias.  They lived here in Trujillo it are waiting for papers to go through to go to the state of Washington to live with their husband and father at Lake Moses. We thought it was fun to see them.

A group of Sister Missionaries.  We walked up and started talking to them and they were nice to us.  Wayne pulled his missionary badge out and they attitude changed. I guess our badges are important.

The sister next to me gave us a poster picture of the Lima Temple, I'm holding it.

1/29/2016 4th day in Lima

Our last day in Lima was another good day. Wayne had a member of the church, who is a taxi driver, take us to see beach and the beautiful water.

These are the pictures.

This is the picture of the city from the top of the hill where the statue of Christ is.

We went to the airport for the short flight home.

And this brings us to the end of our wonderful trip.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28/16 KFC Selfies

These are some fun selfies of us at KFC when we had lunch in Lima.

WOW!  That was fun.

1/28/16 Third Day in Lima

We are still in Lima. We decided today to go see the plaza. Lima has two plazas. We stopped at the San Martin Plaza first. It was a pretty place.

We walked to the main plaza and saw the Presidential Palace. We watched the band march and play they also did the change of guards.  It was fun.

We had lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We had fun taking selfies of us there. They will be on their own post. We had a wonderful day. We spent the evening around the temple grounds.  It was a great day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/27/16 Second Day in Lima

2nd day in Lima

We got up early and went to the temple to do a session. We enjoyed it. We decided to go to see the Lima East Mission office and Elder and Sister Hernandez.

We went with them to have lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. It was very good and so fun to get to know them.

We also met several of the missionaries in the office and President Barlow, he was very nice.

Wayne wanted to see the area offices for the church while we were in Lima, so we went to there. We saw Elder Useda who is over our area.  He was a missionary here when Wayne was a missionary here 40 years ago. It was good to meet him.

We also visited with Dr. Burton and his wife. They came to our temple a few weeks before and it was good to visit with them and get to know them better. I wish I'd have taken pictures, but I didn't.

After we left the area office we went to a place called Wood Flair to get Sister Nield a nativity set. That was a neat place.

We had a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



We arrived in Lima this afternoon. We took a taxi to the temple. It took about an hour to get here.

We are staying in the Alberge which is right by the temple.

We met a lot of missionaries. The one on the left is Elder Sand. He knows Sister Furniss who is in our Trujillo North Mission.  He said they were in the same district in the CCM in Lima. He was a great young missionary.

We went to a temple session at 6:00pm.  I was surprised at how little it is inside. The session room holds 15 women and 15 men. The screen to show the movie or smaller than our TV's. The temple is beautiful in it's own way.
We met Sister Hernandez, she was on our session.  She and her husband work in the Lima East Mission office, they are from Washington.  We were instant friends.

We had Subway for dinner. It was delicious. 

Monday, January 25, 2016


Cusco to Lima

Today was our last day in Cusco. Wayne and I have enjoyed the time we have had to spend with Cory and Sarah. I had a great time.

This morning we didn't have any real plans except to go to Lima. We packed our stuff up and were ready to go to catch our flight at 11:10 am.

Wayne took pictures of the beautiful J.W. Marriott Hotel. It was a very comfortable place to stay.  We enjoyed it!

There was a book on the stand above, that has a history of the hotel and the property. One afternoon Wayne read it and was very fascinated with it.

These women are typical Peruvian women. I want to always remember their simple way of life. I think they are beautiful.

We will be in Lima this afternoon.

1/25/16 Cusco

It's Monday. While we are still in Cusco, this is what's going on at home.

This morning Sarah wanted to get crepes for breakfast. We went to the little cafe to get some, but they weren't 'to open.  We decided to go back to Jack's Cafe, but on our way we saw a little restaurant called Cicciina Bread and Breakfast.  I had read great reviews about their breakfast so we decided to stop there for breakfast.

We went inside a courtyard and up some spiral stairs. It was a very little feeling place. I immediately wanted to leave and go someplace else. But we stayed and sat at a tiny round table on bar stools. It was not very comfortable. It wasn't like I'd hoped it to be.
I got this picture off the internet. We sat at one of those tables.

Cory and Sarah seemed to enjoy their food but Wayne and I weren't to happy with ours. I wished we'd have gone to Jack's

We spent the day going to all of the museums and just seeing Cusco.
Museo Historico Regional
Museo de Arte Popular
Museo de Arts Contemporaneous
We even went to a chocolate museum.

We ate lunch in the courtyard at the hotel. It was very good. Then the trip for Cory and Sarah was ending. They left to catch their flight back to Lima to go home.

We said our goodbyes, I cried and hugged a lot as they went to the airport in a taxi.  We really had a great time with them. There were a lot of ruins and museums in this trip which aren't really very FUN, but the fun part was being together, enjoying each other, the hugs, the laughs, and feeling the love that we share.