Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jack's Cafe - 1/24/2016

Today is Sunday.  We wanted to go to church in Cusco so at 10:00 am we were at church. 

I wished I'd have taken a picture.  It wasn't  a normal sacrament meeting for me. This one was different for me and Wayne. As we sang the opening song, the spirit touched me. I could hear the ones I love around me all in Spanish. It was just touching. It touched Wayne too. It was just the best feeling. 

We met a couple there from Montana I think,  they were visiting Machu Picchu we thought it was funny they mentioned they had bought a house in Wahington Terrace for their kids to live in while they go to WSU. Wayne said wouldn't It be funny if they bought Tami and Nick's house, since they had just sold theirs. We never did make that connection though. 

We walked home from church, changed our clothes, and decided to find a place to have lunch. When we walked down the street, we saw a parade going on. 

We walked to the Plaza and the parade was there too. It was fun to see the people dressed up. 

We ate lunch at Limo's.
Limo's was right in the plaza. It was upstairs and it was very nice inside. 

This is the view of the Plaza from Limo's, I got it off the internet.

We got this  potato appetizer. It was like a mashed potato balls that were deep fried. We dipped them in the sauce.   They were delicious. 

We had a great time. We stopped at McDonalds for ice cream. I'm the only one who had some. 

Wayne and I decided to hang around the plaza for a while. Cory and Sarah went exploring on their own.

These missionaries came through the Plaza, they were on their way home from church and lunch. 

When we got back to our Hotel these Peruvian ladies were there, the'd been there every time we went in and out of the hotel.  They were trying to get tourists to pay them to have their picture taken with them.  

Later that night, as we walked through the streets, we saw this Burger Bar sign.  We didn't expect to find a Burger Bar in Cusco. 

We had dinner at Jack's. It was very good.

Sarah bought some pretty stones from a little Peruvian lady outside the restaurant.

Back at the hotel we sat in the courtyard and enjoyed the full moon and the evening with Cory and Sarah.

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