Sunday, January 10, 2016

Laureles Stake Conference

Another week has come and gone!

Monday on our day off we were going on a group activity with the temple missionaries to Caballos de Paso.  It is a performance with Peruvian horses.  I wasn't feeling well so we stayed home.  On Tuesday I felt a little better but I stayed home from the temple and rested.  I washed the sheets and clothes and I made some chicken soup and cinnamon rolls.  Something about chicken soup and cinnamon rolls sounded good to eat to me.

This is the dough rising.  I have never made such a little batch of dough, enough for 12 cinnamon rolls. I'm use to making a big Tupperware bowl full.  Oh I miss Tupperware!

This is the last cinnamon roll!  They were yummy!   I thought we might share these with our missionary friends, but they disappeared too fast.  I should have made more.

On the 7th was Barrett's birthday.  He is 5.  It was fun to talk to him.  We love you Barrett!

Today we went to the Laureles stake conference.

Wayne and I were both impressed with the program.  Pretty fancy for Peru.  

The meeting was very good.  I didn't  understand much but I enjoyed being there with Wayne!  Pres. and Sis. Casos spoke and did a good job and Pres. and Sis. Rios from the Trujillo South mission spoke.  We saw a lot of our temple workers there and it is always so fun to hug them and talk to them. ( well I try to talk to them). Sister Gilda Leon welcomed me with the biggest hug, she even sang in the choir.  She wanted me to tell her how Elder Mecham is doing.  I guess I should find out.  I told her he is doing good, that he is married and I didn't think he has any kids yet.  She loves Jaden!!!  He baptized her! This is an old picture.  She is standing next to me.  Carmen is next to Gilda. 

We saw a lot of missionaries at the conference.  I didn't 't take pictures.  They are from the South mission so we don't know them as well as the ones from our mission. We saw Elder Talbot and Elder Caldwell.  We like them.   Last week when Wayne was talking to Elder Talbot about the temple, Elder Talbot said that Pres. Rios told them that Pres. Uceda from the area said the missionaries shouldn't be going to the temple, they should be doing missionary work.  Elder Talbot was concerned about this and as he talked to Wayne about it, Wayne didn't think this could be right.  He told Elder Talbot he would talk to President Casos about it, so that night he did.  President Casos thought this was wrong too.  He made some calls and straightened it out.  The missionaries can come to the temple!  Yes!  We saw a lot of them this week, including Elder Talbot.  Wayne felt good to know he helped fix this misunderstanding and today Elder Talbot expressed his appreciation for Wayne caring and helping them. We love the young Elders and Sisters, and we love seeing them at the temple.

This week is Danny's birthday on the 13th, he will be 27.  I sure love you Danny!  My Dad's birthday is on the 14th, I can't believe he will be 89.
Happy Birthday to both of you!

We will be working the afternoon shift this week at the temple and then the next 2 weeks the temple will be closed for cleaning until February.  Cory and Sarah are coming to see us and we are going to go to be tourists to see Machu Picchu with them.  I can hardly wait!

I miss home, everybody, and everything about it everyday, but I am very happy being here.  I feel a lot of love and a closeness to these people.  They are wonderful!  It is a sweet feeling.

The church us true.  We are all important and need to be doing the best we can to follow the example of our Brother and Savior Jesus Christ.
Have a great week!

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