Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

We have had another fast week.

Monday the Salazar family invited the temple missionaries to their house for lunch.  The food was very good. We had a fun time. They have a fun little family.

This is Haru. We played with her play dough and built snowmen.

My new friend Haru

Sister Hartman with Obed. This was his first birthday

Elder Hartman and Obed

She served Aji de Gallina, a traditional Peruvian chicken stew in a spicy
nutty, cheese sauce.  It is served over potatoes with rice, boiled egg and olive.
It is really good.

This is the Salazar family.

Salazar Castillo, Daniel Jesus
Jenefer, Eiko, Enoc, Haru, Obed

Monday night we went to the Chan Chan building for a brass band concert. We enjoyed this.

Armin Tolentino (our choir director) plays the trumpet.  They put on a performance at the Chan Chan building for those who wanted to come for their Family Home Evening.  Armin is the only church member in the group.  They played a variety of songs including a Beatles medley, Christmas music, movie themes and 2 LDS hymns we all sang to.  They were excellent.  It was a great evening.

Brother Tolentino is on the right.

Some of the people in attendance.

We rode home with President and Sister Casos and the Hartman's. They have a seat way in the back but it was just easier to ride back there without getting the seats out. It was fun!

We worked at the temple on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was closed on Thursday and Friday for New Years.  We've had several invitations to go to New Years Eve parties at different wards but we stayed home and watched the fireworks at midnight from our balcony.

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