Tuesday, January 26, 2016



We arrived in Lima this afternoon. We took a taxi to the temple. It took about an hour to get here.

We are staying in the Alberge which is right by the temple.

We met a lot of missionaries. The one on the left is Elder Sand. He knows Sister Furniss who is in our Trujillo North Mission.  He said they were in the same district in the CCM in Lima. He was a great young missionary.

We went to a temple session at 6:00pm.  I was surprised at how little it is inside. The session room holds 15 women and 15 men. The screen to show the movie or smaller than our TV's. The temple is beautiful in it's own way.
We met Sister Hernandez, she was on our session.  She and her husband work in the Lima East Mission office, they are from Washington.  We were instant friends.

We had Subway for dinner. It was delicious. 

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