Friday, January 22, 2016

Pisac and the Sacred Valley 1/22/2016

We packed an overnight bag and checked the rest of our bags at the hotel and left for our next adventure.

Our guide met us early at our hotel and we were off.   We left Cusco and headed toward the country to see the Sacred Valley.  It is fertile farm land that the Peruvians raise their crops on.  It was beautiful.

We stopped for this view of the Sacred Valley

We stopped along the way at a cultural place and learned about the different Alpacas.  They showed us how to spin the alpaca fibers into yarn, how to use the natural plants to get the color to dye the yarn, and we saw women and young girls weaving the yarn into beautiful blankets.

This is the town of Pisac. Such a cute little town.

We went up the windy dirt road to Pisac Ruins.
These are terraces they made on the mountains.  They farmed on these terraces.

This is the trail up to the ruins. If you look close way in the distance you can see us walking. Sarah, Cory, me, and the guide, Wayne took the picture.

A community on the hill.

This is looking down the windy road.

We went into town and had lunch at a little cafe type place. We also went to a store that sells Alpaca sweaters.  They showed us the real nice sweaters and how to tell the difference in good alpaca clothing.  We also went to a silver store.  They explained the differences in silver.  We walked through the market and looked at the souvenirs being sold.

We left Pisac and drove back through the Sacred Valley to Ollantaytambo.

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