Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another Fast Week

We have finished another fast week.

On Monday, we were invited to lunch with the Quintanea family.  We've been to their house for Family Home Evening and love their family.  We took a taxi to get there and that was so fun for me.  I love seeing the streets and seeing the many different people and what they are doing or selling on the street.

These are big bags of cereal.

There are a lot of stores that sell construction supplies around where the Quintanea family lives.  We walked through this big Maestro store.  It is just like a Home Depot inside.

Brother Quintanea owns a pipe fitting and hardware store.  I didn't think to get a picture of it.  It is a nice store. The store is on the street level and they live above the store.  They have a very nice house.  They are a wonderful family.  You can feel the spirit they have about them and in their home.  The Haro family came to lunch too, they are a wonderful family too.  The food was wonderful. I really enjoyed it a lot. We had chicken soup with noodles, puréed potatoes, rice, and beef, it reminded me of round steak in a really yummy sauce. Sister Haro, made a great desert. It was all very good.

Our lunch group!

Kiera doing the hair of Sister Haro's niece.

Wednesday the 13th was Danny's birthday,  he is 27, we face timed  with him.  It was fun.  We love you Danny!

Thursday was my Dad's 89th birthday.   What a great Dad!

On Friday I made Cinnamon Rolls!

Today for church we went to the California ward.  We always feel welcome in this ward.

This is our Sunday School teacher.

 Missionaries in the ward and in the Sunday School class.  Sisters, Vaughan, Angell, a member, Pineta, Coleman, Olson, I'm not sure, and our teacher.

Tomorrow the 18th, is Casey's birthday.  Happy Birthday Casey!

Cory and Sarah will be here in Trujillo tomorrow.  I can hardly wait.  We are going to Cusco on Thursday and to Machu Picchu with them while the temple is closed for cleaning.

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