Monday, January 18, 2016

Trujillo 1/18/2016

Cory and Sarah arrived in Trujillo!  Our temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning and maintenance. Many of our senior missionary couples went on little trips to be away while the work was being done. We were happy Cory and Sarah decided to come visit us for a week. We were SO HAPPY to see them here safe!

We brought them to our place.  They were able to see our beautiful temple and where we live.  They stayed in an extra missionary apartment, so they were just down the stairs here in our building, so that was nice.

We let them rest, but not for long, then we were off to show them Trujillo.  We started at the Plaza de Armas.  It is the town square.

We took the city tour of Trujillo on the open top bus.  It was fun to see the town from the top of the bus.

It was just so neat to be with Cory and Sarah!

After the bus tour, we walked a few blocks from the Plaza to have lunch at Romano's.

This is Cory's calamari.  If you look to the right of the tomato flower, you can see a squid.  :)

We went back home to relax and rest.  Cory did some Unicad work and I was able to crochet around a baby blanket for Shawnee.

We unpacked the suitcase Cory and Sarah brought a suitcase full of stuff for us.  We gave the kids several requests of things to send.  I wish I'd have taken a picture of all the stuff but I didn't.  The following is some of what they brought,

Brown sugar, Hershey chocolate chips, and Jello instant pudding.  Long and shirt sleeve white shirts, slacks, golf shirts, milk duds, extra phone charger, USB thumb drive, wireless mouse, and a box of Big Hunks for Wayne.  A few skirts, temple dress, white shoes, capris, t-shirts, grey pants, hearing aid batteries, contact solution, and two baby blankets with thread to crochet around them for me.  Beef Jerky was a great surprise and pictures and notes of and from Grandkids.  It was fun to get new stuff!  Almost like Christmas.

We went to the mall for dinner and ate at Chili's.  When at the mall it doesn't feel much like Peru. Sarah and I went in the pet store and looked at the puppies and the bunnies.  We had a great day!

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