Monday, January 4, 2016

We welcome in 2016

Happy New Year!

It was so exciting to welcome in 2016.  We will spend all of 2016 in Peru.  There were several ward and stake parties we were invited to go to, but we decided to stay at home.   We were able to face time with our group we've celebrated the new year with for 38 years.  This year the party was at Mike and Annette's house with Ray and Cindy Hancock and Jerry and Darinda Ropelato. We had fun as they helped us welcome in 2016!  I don't have a picture so this old one will have to do. It's of Ray, Jerry, and Wayne at Jerry and Darinda's pool in Leeds.

We also watched the fireworks from our balcony. They were everywhere for almost an hour. It was beautiful.

New Years Day we went to the mall and had lunch at Pardos Chicken with a big group which includes the following couples, Casos, Cocalla, Gomez, Nield, Hartman, the Sisters, Angell and Vaughan, and Elders Talbot and Caldwell joined us too. We had a great time and the Pollo A La Braso was good.

We had a great Saturday at the temple, we worked the afternoon shift.  I learned a new word, igualmentes. It means, the same to you.

We decided to go to the Chan Chan ward today for church. There were several of our temple friends in this ward. We felt very welcome.  I didn't take any pictures, sorry.

As we were walking to the church, they had closed off the roads that takes you into the plaza.  We could see the military soldiers all lines up by the entrance of the plaza. As we were walking to see what was going on a military band started playing and the soldiers started marching like they were in a parade.  We observed and they put up some flags.  After church when we went to catch a taxi in the plaza, there wasn't anything going on. These pictures aren't that good, the solider are on the right and the band is on the left.  The video is of them marching up to raise some flags.

 The Hartman's and Wayne and I were invited to Sunday lunch with Marco and Amy. She is American, he is Peruvian.   They are in the process of adopting their little girl Angela. Amy  fixed us a Mexican meal, it was delicious. She did a great job.

We had a wonderful time as we visited with them.  I had fun playing with Angela, I have another little Peruvian friend.

It has been another great week. We are so blessed as we serve here.  The members are so loving and kind to us.  I am enjoying  being here with Wayne!

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