Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Central Market and Huanchaco 1/20/2016

Wednesday 1/20/2016 we continued our trip with Cory and Sarah.  We started the day by going to the Central Mercado.  This is a market where people sell everything, they even sell animals here.  The streets are lined with vendors and you can go inside where there are more vendors.

Besides going there to see the market, I wanted to get some yarn.  I found a little shop that had some I thought might match our living room.  I bought some not knowing if I had enough for my project or not.  It cost about $6.00.  Our taxi driver waited for us as we shopped.  We met him and he took us to Huanchaco, which is about 20 minutes from our apartment and by the airport.

Huanchaco is kind of a little tourist place to see the beach.

We walked out on the pier.

Sarah and I walked down on the beach. I loved the waves coming in and going back out. We also walked through the little shops but didn't find anything to buy.

These reed boats are used by the locals for fishing.

I wanted to ride in one until I got close and saw what they are really like inside.

I think we enjoyed our visit to the beach in Huanchaco.  I could have stayed for hours just watching the waves.

We went to Don Belisario's  for lunch and had a Peruvian favorite, Pollo al a Brasso.  It is a rotisserie chicken served with papas fritas, ( French fries) and a salad.  It was yummy.

They have a Peruvian coin toss game called Sapo at Don Belisario's. You toss brass coins and try to get them in the frogs mouth.  You get points wherever the coin goes, but the frog is the jackpot.  Wayne was happy to show it to Cory and Sarah.  We have the pieces waiting at home to make us one.

We came back to our apartment and relaxed for the evening.  I made some dinner.  We had round steak, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn.  I made some rolls but I didn't wait long enough for them to raise.  I made 8 cinnamon rolls with the extra dough.  They were ok, but not that great.  I have never made such a small batch of cinnamon rolls.

We enjoyed our day at the market and Huanchaco.  We packed our bags and got ready for morning and our trip to Cusco.

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