Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trujillo 1/19/2016

I made pancakes for breakfast.  This morning we went back to the plaza for a tour to Huacas del Sol y La Luna.

We arrived at the Huacas de Moche
Huacas del Sol y La Luna
We took a van with several other people to our destination.  It seemed like it was in the desert.  It was hot and our guide spoke Spanish so it was hard for me and Sarah to understand what it was all about.  Cory and Wayne understood some of it.  It was neat to see the ruins and the artifacts. They were amazing.

Sarah and I did a little shopping.  I bought a pottery vase and Sarah found a neat cowhide purse.

While we shopped, Cory and Wayne had some fun!

We went to El Sombrero for lunch. I wanted to see some marinara dancers and was glad to see a little show as we ate lunch.

We decided to skip the Chan Chan ruins. Cory and Sarah looked it up online and saw pictures of it.

We returned back home and saw this going on. They had scaffolding going up around the steeple of the temple so the workers could get up to wash Angel Moroni and to install a wire above the trumpet to keep the Gallinazos (big vulture like birds) off.

They used this lift to wash the outside of our building.

Wayne took this picture from our balcony.

I made grill cheese sandwiches, Campbell's tomato soup and warmed up some left over mashed potatoes and cordon bleu.  It was nice to eat at home.  We relaxed and watched a movie, The Escape.  We had another great day.

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