Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Away From Home

We had a wonderful Christmas!

On Monday the 21st, Sister Casos asked me, Sandy Hartman and Sandie Nield to help her decorate their Christmas tree, they had already put the lights on so we added the ornaments. It was fun.

Monday night the Hartman's were in charge of our Family Home Evening Christmas Activity.  We met in the common area and sang Christmas songs and shared family Christmas traditions.

Then we went to our apartment to play Papa Noel Bingo. The Hartman's read the numbers and we played until everybody got a prize, some more than others. There were some great prizes. The Avocado was a funny first choice.

It was fun to spent the evening with our missionary family here. We have become great friends. We all brought a treat to share.  I made Fruity Pebble treats.  Sandy H. made chocolate cupcakes that were delicious. Sandie N. made some cute wreaths out of Corn Flakes.  Sister Gomez made Picarronis, they are sort of like scones and donuts. Sister Casos made cupcakes with Nutella frosting,  Sister Coacalla brought Chocolate!  We had a great time and appreciate the efforts of the Hartman's for making it fun.

Tuesday we worked at the temple it was very busy.

Tuesday night was a little party with the people who work the afternoon shift at the temple. The Layva's were in charge. We had hot chocolate and panettone cake and little sandwiches.  

This is the Layva's family.  They are great friends.  The kids all speak English so I love talking to them. Stephanie is on the left. She served a mission and graduated from BYU. Juan served a mission and is going to BYU in the fall. Brenda is on the right. She served a mission and is going to BYU right now and will graduate in August. Brother Layva's served as a mission President in Lima and is now in the Bishopric in the California ward. Sister Layva is a coordinator in the temple and she was in charge of the party. They all work in the temple.

Wednesday night we went to the Plaza to see the displays. They were beautiful.

We ate at the McDonalds!  We had a wonderful night. As we walked around there was a little drizzle of rain. I just pretended it was snow falling lightly. I love Wayne for sharing this with me!

Thursday was Christmas Eve!  We had a relaxed morning.  We were happy when it was time to be with our family for the party.  It was fun to see them all and be a part of the party.  We gave a Stuffie to the Grandkids.  We gave the married kids  a Tenzi game and a cheese slicer. I love our wonderful family!!! They are all my favorite people. I miss them all and everything that comes with them. I hope that they all know we love them!

Emily and Natalie did a secret test on Alice and Jayne to see if they are identical twins. Emily had Wayne read the results at the party and now we are all happy to know they are identical. And Wayne told them we will be coming home the end of July for 2 weeks while the temple is closed here. We are excited!

The Fackrell's spent the night here in one of the apartments on Christmas Eve. We visited with them while they made pies for our Christmas dinner.

Christmas morning we went with the Fackrell's to be with the young missionaries for the mission devotional and a talent show.

This is the missionaries arriving. It was so fun to be with all of them. They are great. President and Sister Marler spoke and then the missionaries did their talent show.  I thought this picture was funny because there were a lot of phones and cameras taking pictures.

Jim and Patti Fackrell did a song.

We had Christmas dinner with President and Sister Casos. They made turkey, rolls, gravy, applesauce, and set a beautiful table. We made the potatoes and I did pickles, cheese, and carrots. The Hartman's made Waldorf salad, I loved it, my grandma use to make it for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Nield's made sweet potatoes and bran bread. They were both great. And the Fackrell's made pie, banana, cherry, and apple. They were yummy.  It was a wonderful meal with great company!  Sister Nield did an activity centered around the birth of our Savior, and we sang a few songs. It was nice.

We had a wonderful day. Thanks to all who helped it to be so.
We received emails from our friends at home and it was great to exchange our well wishes.

Yesterday, the 26th, we went to work at the temple.  It was a good day in the Trujillo temple.

This is a picture of us at the Plaza with President Marler and President Davila. President Davila is a Stake President here. He served a mission here with Wayne 40 years ago. They had a great time talking about old times.  This picture was taken the night the missionaries did their Christmas concert at the plaza. I didn't talk about that, it was great. You can go to the mission blog to see how fantastic it was. Go to Trujillo North Mission Blog

Today for church we went to the Laureles ward. It was good to see our temple friends there.
This is Elder Talbot and his companion. They are both from Arizona. Cornville and Mesa.

I am thankful for my Savior!  His birth is the greatest gift.  One of my friends mentioned in her email some thoughts she shared in her Relief Society lesson. She talked about Mary and how chosen she was. Imagine Mary holding her new baby, knowing he was the Son of God. Imagine her holding his tiny hand with His fingers wrapped around hers.  I wonder if she knew what his hands had done before and what they would do.  I am thankful for Joseph, he must have been a great person for our Heavenly Father to choose him to be the father figure to raise His son. I am so thankful for this Gift, our Savior.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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