Monday, December 7, 2015

Lunch with Juan Alva and FHE

(Some of this post is taken from Elder and Sister Hartman's blog)

Monday at 12:30 we had a lunch appointment with Juan and Emma Alva. We have talked about them in some of our other posts.  They invited us and the Hartmans.  We stopped and bought some flowers for them kind of a thank you for inviting us.

Wayne lived with the Alva's when he served here many years ago. Sister Alva cooked for them so we were excited to have lunch with them. You can see the many pictures. Sister Hartman took most of these.

On Monday, Juan Alva and his wife invited us and the Hartmans for lunch.  He is the first member of the church in Trujillo.  He was the branch president when Wayne served his mission in Peru 40 years ago.  Wayne lived with them and Sister Alva cooked for him and his companion. When Wayne went home from his mission, he left his suit with Juan and Sister Alva took it in to fit him.

Brother Alva goes to church every week at 8:00 AM and sits in a chair in the shade outside the church greeting and talking to people all morning until his ward meets at 2:00 PM.  He is 94 years old and loves to talk.  He is also very sharp and has many stories to share.  He told us that when Spencer W. Kimball came in 1963 to dedicate the first chapel built in Trujillo, he looked over the land and said that there would eventually be a temple here and over 20 chapels. At this time, there were no temples in South America. Today we have our beautiful temple and there are 7 stakes, 43 wards and over 30 chapels in the Trujillo area. It has now been 53 years since President Kimball made that prophecy.

Juan Alva worked for the church and he and his wife served and housed many missionaries over the years. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

We took flowers to Sister Alva

Wayne at the Alva's door.

It warms my heart to see Wayne as he visits with Brother Alva. I can feel a tender brotherhood and a sweet spirit as they visit. It was just a great blessing to see old friends sharing an afternoon together. It was a treat for me.  

Elder Hartman, Wayne, and Brother Alva

 We had a very nice time. They are long time members of the church and they are as genuine, loving, and Christ like.  I love them both and can see why Wayne has talked about them for do many years.   Brother Alva is 94 so he hasn't got very many years left but I am sure glad we are getting to spend some of it with them.
I took this video I thought it was fun to hear them visit.

Sister Alva fixed a delicious lunch. We liked everything she served. She is a sweet lady. I could tell she is very talented. Her house was neat and tidy and it was decorated nice. 

The Alva's Granddaughter Diana, Sister Alva, Brother Alva, and daughter Rosemary 

The napkins on the table were cross stitched. She made them and crocheted around the edge.  The table cloth was beautiful too. She crocheted the tablecloth. It was beautiful.

 Sister Alva gave me and Sandy a napkin,cloth she had made. It is beautiful. It will be a keepsake.

Outside the Alva home.
Rosemary, Sister Alva, Diana, Jan, Sister and Brother Hartman

Here are some things we've seen from the taxi:
This store sells indoor lighting

This shop sells indoor tile.  They do not put carpet in their homes and churches.
The only carpet we have seen here is in the temple.  There is a large rug on the tile in front of the recommend desk.  Most Peruvians will walk around it when they come in because they are not used to walking on carpet.

That is a large coke can on a bicycle. Don't know what its function  is.

Selling watermelon slices and drinks among the traffic on the street.

We got together for Family Home Evening Monday night.  We had a short lesson, hot chocolate and donuts.  Then the sisters decorated the tree and made reindeer while some of the men watched Monday night football in our apartment.

Elder Gomez and President Coacalla

Sister Gomez

Sister Coacalla

Watching Football

The finished product. You can see the temple out the window.
Sandy Nield, Jan, Mariza Coacalla, Sandy Hatman, Nelly Gomez

Making Reindeer

Wayne and Brother Hartman decided to have suits made (remember that from this post).  This week we went back for a fitting.  It is amazing to watch these people do their craft.  We picked the best material available in Peru for a tailor-made suit that costs 490 soles ($145)

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