Monday, December 21, 2015

The Week Before Christmas

We have had a busy week. Sunday we went to the Temple Devotional for the temple workers and their spouses.

There were around 500 in attendance. By the time it started they even filled the stage in the back.

On Monday, we were invited to the Christmas Lunch for the paid temple workers.

Every day this week we have been to the temple early to help with the special missionary sessions.  I love being able to be around the young missionaries. There is a spirit about them that is very sweet. When Wayne and I get to officiate these sessions I get such a feeling of satisfaction and love as I stand before them as the session starts. I often get a little emotional as I smile and look at them all.  They are great kids.

Tuesday morning when the missionaries came, they brought 3 visitors with them. Elder Haakey was here with his parents.  He went home in September but came back with his parents to see Peru. They are from Bountiful. It was so fun to see them and talk to people from home.

Tonight and tomorrow night they will be doing a Christmas Program at the plaza. We are going to go listen.

The Peruvian Sisters I work with me in the Temple are so loving and kind. I have received some thoughtful Christmas gifts from them.

The sister that gave me this tiny book told me to read it and tell her about it. She has been trying to help me learn Spanish and I have been trying to help her learn English.

Box of goodies. Such a sweet gift.

Key chain. It is beautiful and hand made. I hung it on the Christmas Tree.

President and Sister Marler gave us each a temple pouch to put our temple clothes in. It has the temple on it.

Wayne and I got our gifts to give away ready.  This picture of Christ with the Lamanite children hangs in our temple at the end of the hall, we see it a lot and love it. 

We hope you are ready for Christmas. We know there is snow at home and wish there was a little here. This is a picture looking out Andy's front yard.

We are so blessed to be here in Trujillo Peru, serving in the temple right now. It is a great blessing!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and we are so blessed to have a Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who love us. Keep our Savior in you thought as you celebrate Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Much Love!

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