Thursday, December 10, 2015

A week of Temple work

We have had a fun week. Just to recap a bit...

Sunday we walked to church. We went to the Los Cedros ward. It is about a 20 minute walk. We enjoyed the meetings. There are a lot of people who work in the temple with us in this ward so it was fun to be in their ward.

Monday, we went to lunch with the Alva's. That was a great afternoon.
We also had FHE with the couple missionaries and Pres and Sister Casos. There is post about that.

Tuesday morning we were scheduled to open the temple and be at the recommend desk at 7:00. When Wayne got up to get ready at 6:00, He looked out the window and saw a bunch of missionaries.

He put on his clothes and went out to see what they were doing.  Usually when there is a group like this they have a special missionary session.

That is exactly what they were here for, a special missionary session. They were the Elders and Sisters from the Los Esporanza Zone. There were 25 Elders, 7 Sisters and President Marler.

None of us at the temple knew they had planned this special session so Wayne got on his white clothes and went to work. I hurried and got ready too.  We got the missionaries in and ready for their session. They had a devotional and Wayne and I officiated the session. It was a great session. The spirit was so strong and my spirit was touched by these young missionaries who are serving valiantly. Wayne said the prayer at the end of the session with the room full of these missionaries.  In all of the prayers said everyday at our temple we ask a blessing upon all if the missionaries throughout the world. This time, it really touched me and Wayne as he was praying for every person in the session.  It was a session I want to remember.

Then on Wednesday,  a stake had a special session early in the morning, so we did that special session too.  It was special too.

Today is Thursday. We didn't have any special sessions really, but Wayne and I were the officiator for the first session at 9:00 am. We were waiting for the session to start.  Wayne came over to me and said something like, " you know one day we are going to find some one who I knew on my mission when I served here before.. You just wait and see."
He had already asked a couple to be the witnesses. As we waited, he talked to them. He asked them where they were from, they told him Lima and then he asked which part, and they said, San Martin de Porras. Wayne said he worked in that area 40 years ago and mentioned he baptized Brother Antero Sanchez and his family.   This man said Brother Sanchez was his stake president.  Brother Sanchez talked to him and listened to his problems. He asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon. He said he hadn't,  Brother Sanchez asked him to read it and gave him some scriptures to read. He did this and said it changed his life.  This man, Brother Gutierrez
served his mission in Trujillo. Today he was in our session with a man he had baptized as a missionary and they just happened to be in our temple session. Wayne was so touched by all of this!  It was so neat to talk to someone who knew someone Wayne baptized, and even better that this person was influenced to serve a mission by him, and he was at our temple with some one he had baptized.   And to think that 5 minutes before Wayne has mentioned  he hoped something like this would happen.  I wish we had a picture!

I know that Heavenly Father knows who we are. He loves us and wants us to live good lives as we follow the example of our Savior, His only begotten Son.  We are so blessed to be here serving in Peru!  I know that this experience today wasn't by accident. It is a testimony to me that we are blessed when we forget ourselves and serve others.

I just got a phone call from our counselor in the temple presidency telling us that tomorrow morning we have a special missionary session tomorrow at 6:30 we need to officiate. We will be there early!
This is the work of The Lord!

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