Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13, 2015

We saw this interesting car pull into the temple Friday afternoon as we were going to speak at the fireside.

There was a couple in this old car. They were arriving to be sealed. It was fun to watch. They had several people taking pictures and videos and they even had a drone taking pictures. It was pretty high tech for Peru. Fun to see.

This morning we went to the Los Jardines ward. We wanted to see their Primary Program. This is Jaque. She's a counselor in the Primary and she works in the temple

They gave us a HLJ (CTR) pen and a bookmark as a souvenir.

These are some of the kids before the meeting starts. Wayne was standing in the background.
The girls wore pretty headbands, the boys wore bow
ties, and the teachers wore corsage bows all made out of the Primary Colors, Red, Yellow, and Blue. They did a very good job with their parts memorized and they were good singers.

Tonight we are going to a special fireside for the temple workers and tomorrow we are going to a lunch with all of the temple employees. I'll be sure tell you all about it.

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