Thursday, November 9, 2017

Squalos * Los Bentley * Mission Office

Nov 9th 2017

This morning, Wayne helped fix things, making name tags and other stuff, so I spent the morning catching up some blogs of when were were serving our mission.  

I was thinking about Elder Spencer Spader and tried tpo figure out how we could see him.  He's from our Ward and is serving in the South mission.  He came a few days before we finished our mission.  We didn't see him.  Angelee, his mom asked me to give him a hug if see him while we are here.  He's in an area that is a ways away, Juarez.  It is in the mountains and by the mountain Juascaran.  I don't think we'll see him, so I found his picture from the South mission blog to include it in this post.

Elder Spader the day he arrived in Trujillo with his new companion and trainer.

We went to Tottus again today to get a few things.  They had Chocolate Milk!  I always liked this. 

Dan Lac Chocolate Milk

Our Kitchen

We went to lunch with Brother and Sister Wood.  We decided to go to Squalos.  It was delicious!!

The guys went inside to wait and I took the picture, so that's why Sister Wood is by herself.

We had a good visit and a good lunch with the Woods.  We wanted to go to the Trujillo North mission to see Brother and Sister Bentley, so we stopped there.  Brother and Sister Wood went home.  I took these pictures along the way.

Sublime anyone?  Selling as we stopped at a light.

A Park along the way

Green Volkswagon

Fixing up a house

Meeting the Bentley's  

Brother and Sister Bentley  
Brother and Sister Bentley will finsih their mission onthe 15th.  We were happy to see each other.  

We were happy to see so many missionaries.  The Casa Grande zone conference had just ended so we saw a bunch of missionaries.  I took some pictures, but not as many as I wanted to.   

Elders Zanafria * Ray * Ledesma * Laura

Elder Anchraico with Elder Laura greeting Brother Bentley goodbye behind.

Sister Urrutia  *  Sister Martinez
Their Skirts match the ties of the Elders in the next picture.

Elder Tomlinson and Elder Latimer

Elder Moore * Elder Hamblin * Elder Perez
Elder Hamblin is from West Point which is right by Hooper. 
Wayne sent this picture to his mom.

I didn't get these sisters names.  They were fun to talk to though.  

Elder Moore and this companion Elder Bejarano
Elder Bejarano remembered me making cookies and brownies when they came to the alberge to shower after the huayco.

Elder Hiskey and Elder Melendrez

Sister Lee and her companion Sister Martinez
Sister Lee goes home in 2 weeks.  She's from Sandy or American Fork, I can't remember which.

Office Elders
Qiunteros * Ward * Williams * Salas
Two of these elders are the rep[lacement for the Bantleys

We walked with the Bentleys to a members house, they purchased a bed and dresser for some missionaries.  They we walked to get bus tickets for them to go to Pacasmayo on Sunday.  That's the area they served in before the office.  They are happy to be able to spend their last Sunday there.  
We hugged and said good bye, we're going to dinner with them on Tuesday, the day before they go home.

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