Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday in Trujillo

 Sunday In Trujillo

When we got to Trujillo Saturday night.  It was a welcome sight to see the temple and the temple grounds.   We felt right at home.  

Brother and Sister Wood had the key to our apartment. There were balloons on the door with a welcome sign.  So sweet.  When we got inside, it was just as we'd left it.  Brother and Sister Wood bought some food.  We had fresh fruit on the counter with milk, juice, eggs, and butter in the fridge.  There was bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam, spinach cheese spread, crackers, cereal, popcorn, cookies, peanuts, and a rotisserie chicken.  It was so nice of them to get this for us since we wouldn't be able to go to the store until Monday. We really appreciated their kindness!  I wish I'd have taken some pictures.

We put our clothes away, found a few of the things we'd left in the storage closets, tried to relax and by about 2:00 am we went to bed.  We were back in our apartment in Trujillo and it seemed like nothing had changed.  We were home.

Sunday morning we wanted to go to the California ward at 10:00 am.  We were happy Brother and Sister Wood wanted to go with us, so that was nice.  We saw so many of our friends there.  Pedro was the first one we saw.  Bishop Palma and his wife, Sagastagui, Salirosas, Pedro's wife and son, Iubedi, President Rios and his family, and so many others.  It was so nice to see old friends.  It was testimony meeting so we were able to feel the spirit through the testimonies that were expressed.  We stayed for Sunday School,  Priesthood and Relief Society.  We enjoyed it all.  

 When we got home, we warmed up the chicken and had a chicken sandwich.  It tasted good to us. 

Wayne turned on Spanish church hymns and we relaxed as we decided what to do next.  At 5:00 pm a get together was planned in the Casos Apartment.  Sister Casos is leaving for Los Angeles on Monday to be with her daughter when she has her first baby.  President Casos will join her on Friday, so we had a few hours .  

We unpacked the missionary bags, sorted the T shirts and counted the Christmas stockings.  We decided to do something with all of it.   We had 150 shirts, 150 plastic bags with stuff for missionaries, 150 Christmas stockings,  150 tule Christmas ties. 

Wayne started filling the Christmas stockings and I started folding shirts.  

Wayne took the stuff out of the plastic bags, stuffed the stockings, then he handed me the stocking and empty bag, I added the folded shirt and put it all back in the bag, then put a tule red and green tie to hold it shut.  They really looked cute.  

We got about 40 of them finished before we went to the Caoso apartment for our little get together.
We exchanged hugs and greetings with President and Sister Casos and Brother and Sister Guevarra and the Woods.  We sat and visited and caught up on everything.  We had some refreshments.  Brother Wood made brownies and Sister Wood cut up some fruit.  Sister Guevarra made some Peruvian pudding and President Casos had ice cream.  We had a lovely time together.    

When we got back to our apartment, we worked on the missionary project again.  It was fun for me to be doing this.  I love doing stuff like this and it was the most fun because Wayne started it all and wanted to help too.  

We went to bed at about 1:30 in the morning, and still had 33 more to do.   

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