Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ranger * Pheasants * Howard's Slough

Ranger * Pheasants * Howard's Slough
Nov 1st 2017 

This morning early we were scheduled to fly to Trujillo arriving on the 2nd.  Yesterday when Wayne went online to check us in for our flight, there was a message for him to call customer service, which he did.  United Airlines changed our flight plans.  Instead of us arriving in Trujillo on the 2nd we would now be arriving on the 5th.  They had us flying tomorrow to Chicago, we would be in Chicago until Nov 4th then fly out for Trujillo.  Who wants to spent 3 days in Chicago on the way to Peru?? Crazy Crazy!! How can they do this??  They offered to give us a refund.  Wayne talked to them about it and finally got them to change the plan a little.  Now we fly out on Friday, the 3rd we arrive in Lima, then to Trujillo on the 4th.  Better to have a few extra days at home than 3 days in Chicago.  So now that's our plan.  We are still excited and anxious to be going and we have a few extra days to accomplish a few things.   

We even had time to ride the Ranger.  We just went to get some gas and ended up at Natalie.  She said  Casey had taken Jack and Benson to scouts.  Benson's scout troop raised 29 pheasants and they were releasing them at Howard's Slough. We loaded up and decided to go there too.  It was fun to watch the boys re;ease the pheasants.  I had never been to the slough so it was fun for me to see what it's like there. It was a little bit cold, but we had fun and it was a good little adventure.   

Nothing like a beautiful Hooper sunset.

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