Sunday, November 19, 2017

America * Palermo * Intendencia * Chinese with Alvas * Amy & Anali

November 19, 2017

Our last Sunday as missionaries, we went to the Palermo chapel so we could go to all of the sacrament meetings.  We decided to go to the Palermo chapel today, our last Sunday in Trujillo.  We have friends in all of these wards and wanted to see them all again. The three wards that meet here are America @ 8:00, Palermo @ 10:00, and Intendencia @ 2:00 pm.  We have friends in all of these wards.  All of these wards are in the Palermo area.  Palermo was the area Wayne served in 42 years ago.  It is a special area for him, this is his chapel.

Wayne * me * Sister Gamboa

Barrio America

Elder Harris * Elder Gavidia

Elder Harris * Elder Gavidia * Elder Elliott * Elder Allred * The Assistants * Wayne  

Brother Juan and Sister Emma Alva are special friends.  Wayne loved them 42 years ago and we both love them now.  They are dear friends and we love love them.  We went to the America ward with them.  It was a nice meeting. 

Wayne * Brother Alva * Diana (Grand Daughter)
Brother Alva went home after sacrament meeting.  His Granddaughter Diana helped him get home, she's a good granddaughter!

Barrio Palermo

We went to the Palermo ward at 10:00.  I didn't take even one picture!! What was I thinking??

We saw many many friends.  This is Bishop Meza's ward.  The Quintanilla family is also in this ward and many others.  It was so good to see everyone and feel so welcome. Sister Quintanilla invited us to lunch on Tuesday at 1:00 pm.  She felt bad we've been in Trujillo for two weeks and hadn't been to see them.  

Lunch with the Alvas
Sister Alva invited us to go out to lunch with them.  Her brother has a Chinese restaurant she wanted to take us to, so at 12:00, we me them at their house and went to El Pacifico.  It's up the street from the mall corner by metro.
Brother Alva waiting to go have lunch

El Pacifico is a Hotel and Chifa Restaruant.  It was very roomy and the food was very good.  Sister Alva said the engineers and people working on the building of the temple stayed there and ate there too.   It was very nice. 

Diana * Wayne * Emma Alva * Rosemary * Juan Alva
Lunch at El Pacifico

Sister Alva with her brother, he owns the place

This is a picture of a picture.  It is the way Wayne remembers Juan Alva 42 years ago.
We said goodbye to our friends again.  Such wonderful people.  We love them!

Barrio Intendencia

We thought the Intendencia ward started at 3:00 but it started at 2:00 so we were very late for the meeting.  We arrived at about 2:50.  We went in the meeting anyway.  President Valdivia was speaking.  Wayne said it was worth it listening to him talk the little bit we heard.  

My little friend Haru Salazar

Wayne * Sister Salazar * Haru

Wayne and President Valdivia

We rode the Huanchaco bus back to the temple.  It was fun for me to ride it.  It went through the Mayorista, I likes seeing all the stuff along the streets.  

Amy and Anali

We met Amy and Anali at the temple at 4:00 pm.  We arrived at the same time.  
These two sisters are sweet friends.  They came to give us a gift and to tell us goodbye.  So sweet of them.  They don't realize what a good example they are to me.  While we were missionaries, they came every Thursday night to do the 6:00 session.  They were my instant friends.  Such great sisters.  I will always love and remember them!
Wayne * Amy * Me * Anali

Amy * Me * Anali

We had a good day!  There is a part of us here that is hard to explain to others.  I guess it's a little bit like living in Hooper.  There's just something special about it.  Unless you live there, you don't get it.  Unless you've served a mission here with these wonderful people, you won't get it.
Con Amor!

Tonight I made Peach Cobbler and Granola Cookies.

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