Friday, November 3, 2017

Trip Back to Trujillo

Salt Lake to Huston to Lima 
then to Trujillo
November 3, 2107

We left the Salt Lake Airport this morning at 6:05 am.  Tami got up early to drive us, we left Hooper at 3:45 pm.  We were finally on our way to Trujillo.

We called Angelee Spader a week or so ago to let her know we were coming if she wanted to send anything with us for her son, Spencer who is serving in the Trujillo South mission.  She was happy and excited and said she's get us a package for him.  

A few days later Angelee called telling us the Trujillo South missionary moms were working on getting Christmas gifts for the missionaries and wondered if we'd take those too.  Of course we would.  We told her we could check 4 bags so that would be OK.  Sunday night, Angelee and Lanette Weeks brought us 3 bags with the stuff the missionary moms had put together for all the missionaries.  and the 4th bag had Spencer Spader and Elder Weeks Christmas package.  There was some room for us to add some of the things we brought.  So fun to take this stuff to the missionaries.

We left SL at 6:05 and arrived in Huston at about 10:00 am.  Now we're waiting for our flight to Lima which  leaves at 4:40 pm arriving in Lima at 11:06 pm.  it's going to be a long wait.     

Our friend IsreaL

When we got off the plane, the stewardess was trying to this man who doesn't speak any English and the Stewardess didn't know much Spanish.   Wayne heard and  greeted the man and we were able to help him get to his next gate. His lanyard said Primary Children's Hospital.  He was headed to Leon Mexico.  

While we waited, Wayne took these pictures and we ate at Mc Donald's.

I was hoping to see the Astros arrive at the airport since thy won the World Series.  We just saw signs, they said the team flew in the day before. 

We have a gate with a time to fly out.  
Departure 4:40 pm  Arrival in Lima 11:06 pm

We'll post more!

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