Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lunch with the Alvas

Sister Alva invited Wayne, me, Bill, and Sandy to have lunch at their house.  We had a fun afternoon!  Juan, Emma, and their youngest daughter are perfect examples of wonderful members of the church, we love them!  We had a wonderful time visiting, talking about all kinds of things.

Sister Alva served us Potato Salad, Aji de Gallina, and Mouse de Limon. It was DELICIOUS!  She is a really good cook.  She told us how she cooked for the missionaries for many years, which we knew because she cooked for Wayne 40 years ago.  She also did the missionaries laundry.  She said she stitched a different color of thread in each missionaries clothes so she could separate them as she pressed them and returned them.  Brother Alva was the custodian of the Palermo Ward building and also the branch president. He talked about the nice trees outside the chapel and said the reason they were so beautiful was because they were watered with holy water.  They are just great members and friends.

When we got ready to leave Brother Alva kept saying in English, "thanks for the visit."  I think he enjoyed the company.  It was a nice visit.  The food was delicious and the visit was great!  We love these old friends of Wayne's, and now ours. What a great blessing to share the afternoon with the Alva's.

As we were trying to get a taxi to go home,  we saw these Elders. Elder Alanoco from Bolivia and Elder Elliott from Plain City, he went to Fremont!  He know kids in our Ward, he said Braden Bingham was in his Seminary class at Fremont and they left about the same time to serve their missions. He's also a Ute fan. 🙂

We had a great afternoon with great friends and are so blessed.

Written by Jan

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