Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Cory and Andy * Labor Day

We've completed another week!

The 3rd was Cory's Birthday!
Happy 34th Birthday Cory!  
We Love You!!

*  *  *  *  *  
The 5th was Andy's birthday!
Happy 28th Birthday Andy!
We Love You!

*  *  *  *  *

Today was Hooper Tomato Days in our hometown. The celebration started on Saturday with the 5k, the BBQ dinner and the BEST FIREWORKS.  They had a parade and activities at the park all day today.  This is the second Labor Day celebration we've missed. We will be home for the next one.

Sunday for our church meetings, we went to the California Ward. It was testimony meeting so it was nice to hear from the members as they bore their testimonies. They are such great members of the church and many talked about the temple. They released Bro. Layva from the bishopric and put Pedro Miranda in.  Pedro is the recorder at the temple.

We just relaxed and hung out the rest of the day. We watched a lot of church music videos. 
 We enjoyed the relaxed day.

 Today we spent our Labor Day morning cleaning, doing laundry, learning Spanish, computer stuff, Unicad work, and catching up.

  We went to the mall for lunch and had our Monday usual, Chicken Fried Chicken with frozen lemonade.  
It was good.

We also went to Tottus and got a few groceries.  Before we headed home, we walked through the food court and saw a few missionaries.

Look at these cute Sisters.
Hermana Messina, Hermana Ramirez, Hermana Schuyler, Hermana Garcia, Hermana Soto and Hermana Lee.

We saw a few Elders but not very many. It was fun to visit with them for a few minutes and to feel the spirit they radiate.  Such a blessing to be serving with such great kids.

Monday, Elder Logan and Elder Choquevillca (from Bolivia) came to get our Carné cards to be in the country.  They took them to get them updated so we are authorized to be here in Peru for the last year of our mission.

This afternoon we've been listening to Tabernacle Choir music videos, while catching up on blog posts.

I'm so thankful for Wayne!  He is my best friend and I sure love him a lot.  He keeps apologizing for bringing me here to Peru, I'm so glad we're here, it's been a wonderful experience and I'm so glad he's sharing it with me. We are so blessed!

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