Monday, August 29, 2016

August Ends 1 Year in Peru 8/29/2016

We've been in Trujillo Peru for a year now.  We arrived in Peru August 15th 2015.  It has been a good year.  Nothing really changes much here.  It seems like the only thing that changes with the weather is the temperature gets a little cooler.  We wear a jacket now when we're out in the evening. The temperatures high is around 73 and the low is around 64.  Almost too nice. At home in Utah, it's the end of Summer. In Peru, it's the end of winter.

This morning Wayne looked out our bedroom window to this.
They're cleaning our bedroom window.  Kind of weird, but I'm happy for the clean windows.

As we left this morning, we admired and took pictures of this VW. It was restored by someone who works here on the temple. It looks pretty neat.

This afternoon, went to lunch with Bill and Sandy and had our usual Monday special Chicken Fried Chicken at Chili's. It was yummy. It costs 15 soles which is about $4.80 each.  We enjoyed our lunch. We went to Tottus for a few groceries and Bill and Sandy went to Wong to get some meat.

When we got home, we saw this going on.

They were cleaning the Hartman's windows too. I think it's funny because Sandy had mentioned earlier how they would never clean theirs windows because they couldn't get into the courtyard below. I think they figured it out and never say never.

I put this picture on Instagram.  Our wall of the people we love and miss the most.

Cory sent me back this. 
"I have a wall of who I miss too."
 I thought it was sweet.

 Some days it seems like all I think about is home and there have been a lot of those days lately. It is never easy to leave loved ones. I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and I'm so thankful to share our mission in Peru with them Wayne and them, it has been a wonderful blessing.

And just like that, August is over!

Barrett and Luke started Kindergarten
Molly and Alex are in 1st Grade
Benson is in 3rd Grade
Abby and Zack are in 4th Grade
Lila is in 6th Grade

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