Sunday, August 7, 2016

Haws Family Campout Part 1

August 5th and 6th
Haws Family Camp Out  Part 1

We had a fabulous time at our camp out. McKenzie's grandparents have a beautiful place near Malad Idaho.  They let us use it.  It was a lot of fun and the views were great.  We missed  Cory, he had tickets to a concert in LA so he wasn't able to be there.

It was fun for me to watch the cousins play with each other.  I'm so thankful they like to play together and can be friends.  It also makes me happy that the grown kids like to be together.  It makes me happy!! 

These are pictures of the fun and are in the order I took them.

Andy Mack Grandpa Addilyn Crosby

Benson Casey Molly Natalie Jack Addilyn  Putting up the tent


Shawnee Duncan Brady Natalie -  at the table Barrett Finley Jack -  Alex behind Grandpa Abby Hank Casey Johnny


? head- Jack-Muck-Natalie-Brady behind

Muck and Addilyn

Luke - Alex - Barrett - Finley - Jack and Crew behind

Barrett-Molly-Mack Muck-Finley-Crosby-Crew-Alex-Luke-Addilyn-Benson-Zack-Lila-Grandpa

Addilyn and Emily

Emily - Molly - Abby

Natalie - Brady - Finley - Lila

Crosby and Alex

George and Finley

(Behind) Addilyn-Emily-Molly-Abby  (Front) Crosby-Lila-Casey-Natalie-Brady-Finley

Emily - Molle - Abby - Tami - Alice or Jayne - Casey


Shawnee - Addilyn - Emily - Molly - Abby - Tami - Alice or Jayne

Alex - Jack - Barrett - George

Alex - Jack - Barrett

Alex - Jack - Barrett - Crosby



Jack - Finley -  Barrett - Alex


Addilyn and Crosby

Johnny - Mack - Andy - ? Crosby ? - Andy - Casey - Natalie - Addilyn

Casey - Natalie - Hank

Addilyn - Johnny - Mack- Andy


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