Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthdaween!!!

As was previosly mentioned we celebrated Dad's birthday this past Sunday. We also carved pumpkins. Everyones pumpkins turned out very well. Here is what everyone carved:

Tami - Jim Halpert and "Jones"

Nick - Dwight Schrute

Casey - Mario

Natalie - A cute face

Benson - "The Classic" (two triangle eyes and a mouth)

Becca - Elmo

McKenzie - Tux (the Linux Penguin)

Andy - The Earth

Here are some pictures I took. I will put them all on my MobileMe Gallery soon (they may be there so you should check). Enjoy!

Everyone cleaning their pumpkins

Casey Carving Mario (his arm was moving at the same frequency as my shutter)

Natalie teaching Benson knife safety

Benson helping and having a good time

Benson cleaning his first pumpkin

Benson again (admit it... he was the cutest one there)

McKenzie is apparently going to be a Chinawoman for Halloween

Benson with his first pumpkin and his first mom

Tami carving Jim Halpert (so if Tami has a crush on Jim and she carved him into a pumpkin, does that mean Nick has a crush on Dwight Schrute)

Everyone hard at work (Becca was sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to carve)

Andy is ambitious. He is carving the entire world on his pumpkin!!

Everyone and their finished pumpkins

Just the pumpkins

Cory and his budy "Stretch"

The birthday cake part 1 (Dad blew out the candles before we finished singing so I didn't get an action shot.)

The birthday cake part 2 (After Grandma and Granpa Barker got there Dad blew out the "55" candles again)



Natalie said...

Awesome pictures, Brady. I want a copy of them.

Also, just FYI, Dad blew out "35" candles...

And I also agree that Benson was the cutes one there.

Anonymous said...

These really are great pictures Brady! My favorite picture is the very first one of all of us carving our pumpkins. Check out Benson and his knife in that picture. Pretty psycho I must say.

Happy 35th Birthday, Wayne! ;)

Thanks to everyone who came. I sure had fun!

Shanna said...

I am loving all of the pumpkins, especially the penguin! It looks like everyone had so much fun, i'm sorry i couldn't be there. I also add my birthday wishes to wayne! Thanks for the post brady:)

Jan Haws said...

Brady, Thanks so much for being the photographer. Great pictures. It would have been nice to have seen you in at least one picture. Shawnee,Shanna,and Danny, we missed you! Thanks everybody for coming and participating. There are still pumpkins left that need to be carved if anyone wants more. Happy Birthdayween Wayne. We all love you.

Tami said...

Brady, I know it's a little redundant to say so, but I think you did a fabulous job with the picture taking. In the video it looks like Casey is carving so slow and that Nick and I are moving so fast. I didn't even know you took that picture of me carving my pumpkin. I do have a little thing for Jim Halpert, I think...
Happy Birthday Dad. I love you!
P.S. Mom you should use one of your pumpkins for your turkey decoration thing for thanksgiving. Will the pumpkins still be okay by then?

Em Russ said...

says Zacky: ohhh, that scares you mom, that's scarrrrryyy! (about the picture with all the lighted pumpkins)
and then: Hi Grandpa!!