Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 3


We have just finished our 3rd week.  We have been busy with the temple. We worked in the morning last week and had the afternoon off. This week we work the afternoon.

This picture is of our temple presidency. President  and Sister Casos are in the middle.  I really love them. They have a spirit about them that is pure and sweet. The Coacalla's are on the left. They live in one of the apartments here with us. The Diaz's are on the right. They live some place close, but not here at the temple. They are all nice but only President and Sister Casos speak English and I still don't know much Spanish.

Monday is our day off so we went to the mall and had lunch at the mall and went to the store. We ran Into a bunch if young missionaries having ice cream so we stopped and had some too and I was able to talk to a lot if them in English. It was fun. The ice cream was good too.

This is what it looked like as I looked out my window yesterday. There were a lot of people going to the temple, a lot waiting for those in the temple, and they kept coming and going all day long. We even had a bus load.

This is Elder Preece with the Saldana family. He is going home tomorrow. He bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting and said two years goes by fast. I told him afterward that I hope it does. He is a great young man from Morgan. He will be in Utah on Tuesday.

We are doing good we are happy and well. This week when we went to the store we tried to find canned corn or beans but they don't have any here. I had to buy fresh beans and carrots and cook them. It is different.

The temple is a beautiful place. We are so lucky to be living in this beautiful place. We really have a wonderful place with wonderful people.

I have been trying really hard to memorize the ordinances in Spanish. It took me the first week to learn the new name and the last 2 weeks to learn the veil. Now I will start learning the initiatory.

I have been able to be one of the sisters leading a session. I don't have to talk to anyone so that is really easy. I get to do a lot of sealings too. I like doing those. Last week President Casos was the sealer, he had me be a daughter and was sealing me to parents. He did the sealing in English just for me. It made a cry to hear those wonderful blessings in English. I have listened to them over and over again in Spanish, but this one he did for me. I enjoyed that.

It is great to be here and to be with Wayne. I have had several people tell me how good Wayne's Spanish is. He gets along well with everyone and is really loving this. All is well in Trujillo Peru !

Well until another week, hang in there and stay well.

I sure do love you all!

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