Sunday, September 13, 2015

Update from Wayne 9/12/15

This is a Facebook post from Wayne on 9/12/15

Hello everyone. We are on our mission in Trujillo Peru Temple). I am posting for maybe the first time ever on Facebook. I first thought about sending emails to my 12 friends, and then I started to realize that I maybe have more than 12 friends, and now it looks like I have 85 friends.
We are having a great time. But everyday is Groundhog day. The weather never changes. It is perfect every day. The sun comes up at the same time all year round and goes down at the same time all year round.
Every Monday the cleaning crew comes and scrubs the temple and the grounds. They wash every light pole, every fence rail, and even the walls and tower of the temple.
Our room is perfect. The food is good. We can drink the water from the tap.
If this is Heaven, I will be bored. No lawns to mow, no snow to shovel, no tree house to build, and no golf to play.
But still, Jan and I are happy. Every day begins the same, but we try to make something good out of every day.
I am learning to play the piano.
We meet some very interesting people. There was a man here the other day, Elder Clark, with his wife, and he had been a missionary here in Peru 55 years ago, one of the first 10 missionaries in Peru.
A couple named Chapman, from North Carolina, were here and the Trujillo Temple is the 148th temple in the world that they have been to. They have been to every temple in the Church! And ours was their last.
We meet people who come here to get their son or daughter from their mission. We meet missionaries from all over.
And we love the temple and the Peruvian people. To be here in this country where I was 40 years ago is like a dream. Maybe I'll wake up and this won't be true (and maybe it will snow).
I hope you are all well. We pray for Brad Beus and what he has gone through. We mourn with the Chambers family and their loss.
Please all of you, be so careful. We love all of you (I'm pretty sure anyway).
Hope to hear from some of you, and if we don't, we will see you in 22 months.
Maybe my next challenge will be to post pictures.
Wayne. (Jan said to say hi).

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