Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 6

Sunday  Sept. 20th
We are starting our 6th week.

We are doing really good. This last week I was able to help at the veil by myself in Spanish. I have studied a lot.  I finally have memorized them.

I am still learning how to pronounce some of the words for initiatory. One of the sisters wanted me to go in a booth to do initiatory,  I kept trying to tell her I couldn't do it, but she acted like she didn't understand me, maybe she didn't but she just pushed me in a booth and there I was. She kept telling me to the spirit would be with me. It was pretty scary. So I did initiatory with the card and I know I didn't pronounce most of the words right.  The next day when I studied the card, I was amazed at how much easier it was for me to say the words. I really think I was blessed for trusting and getting shoved into doing the initiatory. I know I can do that if I read the cards. I am working on memorizing it.

Today we went to two wards in our area the Monserrat ward and the Los Laurels ward. The Bishop of the Los Laurels ward works at the temple. We were able to see several temple workers at both wards. We are loved and welcomed wherever we go.

This a choir that sang in sacrament meeting of the Los Laurels ward. They were good.

This is Wayne in front of the church.

This is the chapel. It was very nice it even had an upstairs.

This is Byron Huaman Gomez. He is going on a mission in a few weeks to Lima. He was baptized a couple of years ago by an Elder Aaron Soelberg from Ogden, he is Shawnees cousin.

These are the Elders in the Los Laurel ward. Elder Talbot and Elder Wright.

This picture was taken behind the church.  Notice the laundry hanging out to dry on the roof of the house.

These are some houses across the street from the church.

Yesterday in the temple I noticed two young American girls. I knew they must speak English so I talked to them. One was from Lindon I can't remember her name and the other one was Stephanie Pack from North Logan. She is from my sister, Trudy's ward. She was good friends with our nephew Joseph, and her sister dated our other nephew Nate before he went on his mission. They are here on an internship through Utah State.  They are helping the Peruvians learn how to make their businesses better for about 3 more weeks then they will go back to Utah State. It was fun to see people from home. I told Trudy about it.

I miss being there to visit with everyone. I hope these messages help it feel like we aren't so far away.

Lots of love and hugs!


Em Russ said...

Wow. What a small world! It's fun to read your updates! Miss you!

Em Russ said...

Wow. What a small world! It's fun to read your updates! Miss you!