Friday, September 25, 2015

Small World

From Jan:
I have been here tonight in our apartment by myself. It has been nice to relax and just hang out. The temple has been very busy all day.  They needed extra men to help this afternoon,  so Wayne stayed to help. He called me to tell me Stephanie Pack and Christie Bunnell were here outside. I got my phone and hurried outside to get a picture of them.

Christie is on the left and Stephanie is on the right. If you didn't hear the story I will tell it now. If you did hear the story then you can move on. We met these two a week or so ago when they came to do a session in the temple. Kristi is from Lindon and Stephanie is from North Logan. As we talked to them we discovered that Stephanie knows my sister Trudy,  Craig, and their kids. She has been in the Day home many times. It was fun to make that connection. Both of these young women have been on missions. Stephanie to Chile and Christie to California. They both know Spanish and they are here in Peru on an internship with Utah State. They are helping people to make their businesses better. They will be here until December.  It was fun to see them again and share of their sweet spirits.  I hope we will see them again.

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