Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snow Day

We had a pretty fun day out in the snow today. I had been at home so I missed the beginning, but I guess it all started when Nick and Casey were hot so they went outside and threw snowballs at eachother and then started rolling big balls of snow and putting them in Andy's truck and on McKenzie's car. I guess they decided to make a snowman (pictured below) and as you all know the Haws/Dalpias/Jones boys, you know that they can't settle for anything less than the best.

Cory named him Zeus, Lord of the Jews. He has big pecs, buff arms, two gun holders, six pack, and a smartie necklace for a mouth. (They were looking for something for the mouth and Cory ran in the garage and found it for Zeus.) The snowman even has a small little wife at his side.

After they made the snowman, they started building a hill to sled down... it all just kept getting bigger and better after that.

McKenzie was wearing a garbage sack so she didn't get wet pants.

Nick was working so hard while everyone was playing...

Cory brought out his skis and he and Casey skiied down the hill.

Mad skills Yo!

It got pretty cold so Dad, Nat, and Benson went in the house and watched out the window.

When we were just getting done playing on the snow and stuff, Cory noticed there were 2 deer in the Schiffman's field. I walked over and there were deer footprints everywhere in their yard!!

What an eventful day!


Em Russ said...

deer, skiing, and Zeus in Hooper. Man, I missed out again! Looks like fun though. Thanks for posting the pics Tam. And that's a really cute picture of you and Benson. I love the little face he's pulling! Does that kid have any hair?? :) Cute.

I can't believe you guys have so much snow. CRAZY!! It's like when we were little.

Em Russ said...

Clarification needed (I wish blogger would let you edit your comments because I always mess mine up.) Anyway, the picture of Tami and Benson is really cute, but the cute picture I was initially referring to is the close up one of Nat & Benson where she looks like she's got a serious tickle grip on him.

Jan Haws said...

Thanks for the post Tami. Well done

Natalie said...