Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update for March Craft Night/LAN Party

Let's plan on Saturday, March 22nd at 6:00 for our Craft Night/LAN Party. Does this work for everyone? I'll do my best to keep cost around $10, but with the vinyl it might be a bit more. When you reply to let me know this works for you, also include:

  • are you good with having your sign say "welcome" or would you like to have it say something else?

  • what color do you want the vinyl? (I'm thinking cream, but let me know otherwise.)

  • how many signs are you making? (like, I might make an extra for my mom, etc.)

  • do we want a "cutesy" font, plain font, or serious font?
If any of you have special paint needs, bring your own colors. I think there are brushes at the Haws house, but you might want to bring some if you have them. I'll probably cut out shapes to do something for Easter (eggs and bunny), something for spring/summer (flowers, bees, ladybug), and maybe for July (stars and flag). I'll do more if I have time to cut them and we can always paint them for another craft night if we run out of time. Let me know if you have questions or if I'm forgetting something!


Brady said...

I think a cutesy font for mine... and I like cream vinyl too. Ummmm I would like my sign to say "Brady Rocks" and have bikes on it... or puppies... whichever is easiest. and.... what about the games? One month we should reverse roles. The girls can go downstairs and shoot each other and the boys can go upstairs and knit doilies. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh Brady.... What a silly boy.

If you need any help with anything, please let me know. I can help you cut or shop or whatever.

I just want one sign.... unless Emily wants us to do one for her, then I can do that. I think just a cream color that says Welcome is fine and whatever font you choose for yours, I'll want that too.


Tami said...

That night works great for me and I'm fine with if it goes just a little over $10.
I would like mine to say "Welcome" please, and cream is fine. I think I want a cutesy font not serious or plain, just kind of a perky one.
I for sure want one sign, but I may do a couple of them... I'll let you know if I decided to do more, so plan on one for me.
One thing... are you planning on cutting out all of those things yourself? You don't have to do that!!! I will help you cut out stuff and whatever else you need. (After all, we're always there.) And, girls... I was at quilted bear yesterday and I took some pictures of some other little hanging shape things for the hooks. They are way cute. One of the signs said "To everything there is a season" I thought that was pretty cute. That one has 5 nails for hanging though instead of just 3. They have some really cute snowman shapes and some WAY cute flags for the 4th of july and a cute santa and school ones. I wish I could put the pictures on for you to all see but I don't know how to take them from my phone.
Anyway, back to the original message, Shawnee, I'm excited for this craft and let me know what I can do to help. Thanks!

Em Russ said...

Good one Brady!! You made me (and Johnny) laugh. Will you guys cut one out for me?? I can send you money Shawnee... and I don't care what color or font. I agree with Nat, whatever Shawnee wants I want! :)

Shanna said...

This all sounds good to me as well. I trust Shawnee's judgement on everything, her stuff is always so cute. I think i want a more cutesty font, that says welcome as well. Thanks Shawnee!

Anonymous said...

I just want one sign that says Welcome. I will love any font that you choose. I trust your judgement. Oh, and cream vinyl is fine. Thanks!

Em Russ said...

Can we do craft night when I am there??????? PLEEEEEEEEASE??

Casey said...

Are you sure you want to do the craft and not play at the LAN party emily? Seriously, we have a lot more fun.

Em Russ said...

tempting Case... very tempting!