Thursday, June 15, 2017

Corpus Christi Celebration * Desk Pieces * Leyva Wedding

Back to the Plaza

This afternoon  we went back to the Plaza to watch the Corpus Cristi Celebration  

Samir - James - Suzie
Miguel's family
They were walking out of the temple grounds as we left to go to the plaza. 

Corpus Christi Celebration

We arrived at the plaza at 3:00 pm.  We walked around and looked at all the murals that the different schools had made on the streets around the plaza.  They were amazing and very beautiful  They were made with colored saw dust and flowers or pedals from flowers. 

This is what the internet says about the celebration.  

The perimeter of the Plaza de Armas de Trujillo was ready with the floral carpets made for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, which this afternoon will be in procession accompanied by thousands of faithful.
In the carpets you can see a series of religious motifs created by Trujillo artists with the support of students and teachers from the parochial educational institutions of the city. 
Likewise, adornments and floral arches are visible all around the perimeter in order to enkindle the passage of the Body and Blood of Christ. 
It is necessary to indicate that this catholic celebration will begin at 3 in the afternoon with songs of animation, and at 5 in the afternoon will begin the Eucharist. Subsequently, the Blessed Sacrament will leave the Cathedral Basilica to tour the Plaza de Armas. 

After we saw the different murals, we walked up the pedestrian street.  We stopped at one of the little tiendas that sells Peruvian stuff.  We'd gotten some blankets there before and I was happy to go back to get another one.  We bought a bright yellow one, a small Peruvian vase, and a couple of bird whistles.  As we walked home, we stopped at some little shops and found some more bird whistles.


Having the yellow blanket came in handy for us to sit on, we used it to sit on the hard bench as we waited for something to happen.  We listened to the talks and music, but none of it made much sense to us.  

I'm holding the yellow blanket.

There were a lot of girls dressed in their red school warm up uniforms.  They came in the plaza each group representing with their school.  They marched around the plaza, as they lined both sides of the murals on the street. 

The girls in their red suits lined the murals along all the streets around the square plaza

Once the girls were all around the plaza, they had a ceremony.  We didn't understand it, but on the stage they talked and sang and chanted, giving honor and praise.

When the program on the stage finished, they carried this gold lighted up something around the plaza.  It was carried over the beautiful murals the schools had made and through the lined up girls in their red suits holding lit candles.  It was pretty neat.   

After they carried the gold lighted up something around the plaza and over the murals, the murals were destroyed.  They started sweeping and cleaning up.  

The clean up crew

Looking back at the Catholic Church

As we were leaving, we saw a guy selling LED flying helicopter toys again, so we bought some more of those for our grand kids.

We enjoyed our evening.  It was different than we thought it would be, but it was interesting to see the celebration of a different religion.  We're glad we went.

We walked back to our apartment just like we did the night before.  We found some more bird whistles at a little shop on the way home.  It was a good afternoon and a good night.  When we got home, I made Wayne some Mac and Cheese.  

This morning, our friend John Olsen delivered some desk pieces from Mountain Alarm to our house, Mountain Alarm moved to a new building on 40th and Harrison and I wanted some pieces to make a desk so John delivered them. Andy and Brady talking to John.

Brenda Leyva got married today in the Ogden Temple.  Bill and Sandy Hartman went to the ceremony.  She married Jared Tidwell from Huntsville in the Ogden Temple.

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