Monday, June 19, 2017

Temple Anniversary * Birthday Elder Wood

Special Anniversary Temple Session

The Trujillo Temple was dedicated on June 21, 2015.  This morning, we had a special temple session for the temple missionaries and the paid temple employees.  It was very nice.  There were 13 women and 14 men in attendance.  President Diaz and Sister Diaz officiated with Wayne and me as followers.  It was nice to be involved and to be able to share the spirit as we enjoyed the session.  

I love this picture Bill Hartman took of the temple.  It's a pretty place and we've enjoyed living here.

After the session, we all went to the Mall and ate lunch at Pardo's Chicken.  The meal consisted of Pollo al a Brasa, papas fritas, ensalada (beets, beans, carrots, avocado) chicha morada or lemondae, and ice cream.  It was a nice afternoon spent with wonderful people.  Wayne and I sat on the end by Carlos, his wife, Oscar, his wife and little boy Diago, Los Casos and Los Coacalla.

I didn't take my camera, but Oscar did and he will send us the picture of the group.  I will add it later.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the meal.  

After we ate, the Woods came with me and Wayne to Wong to get some groceries.  They had cheese and Orange Juice and I needed to get some meat.  This will be the last time we shop at Wong on Larco.

Happy Birthday Morris

Tonight President and Sister Casos had kind of a surprise birthday for Elder Wood.  We all sang as they knocked on their door and woke him up.  He was surprised.  Happy 73rd birthday Morris!

We spent about an hour visiting as we all had a piece of cake.

The rest of the evening, Wayne went on t trip with Google Earth to The Holy Land and was able to see a lot of neat places.  We later watched Rick Steed tell us about those same places as we watched his travel show.  I crocheted another doily, I need to keep my hands moving. 

20 More Days!

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