Friday, June 9, 2017

Tailor * Our Food *Crosby Meets Ruth * Sister Butakofer * Bentley's and Marble's * Traffic Jam

Another week had quickly passed.  It's Monday again!!

These are the things we did.

Monday we went to the Sastreria to try on the suit they were making for Wayne.  The tailor was out until after lunch , so he was able to try on the pants, which fit great.  We had to go back later that afternoon to try on the suit coat.  We also went to the Apiat to look for some souvenirs.  We didn't really find anything.  We stopped at Chili's for our Chicken Fried Chicken lunch then went home until later that afternoon then we went back to the tailor.   

I didn't get pictures of the tailor fitting the jacket to Wayne, but this is the tailor.  

Wednesday I took an inventory of the food we have in our cupboard.   We've been trying to eat it all because we go home in a month.  It's hard to believe we are really going home. This is all the food we have in our apartment.  

This all of our food!

Because I've been trying to use our food, I made some banana fruit cocktail bread.  It was different but good.  

I also made chocolate chip cookies, but instead of using chocolate chips, I used peanuts.  They were really good.
 Crosby Meets Ruth!
Wednesday Danny sent us this.  He dropped dinner off to Ruth for Tami.  He said Crosby talked to her and even asked her if her could have a drink of water, then he asked her for more water.  Pretty cute.  

Sister Abby Butikofer came to the temple with her parents and sisters.  It was fun to see her.  

Friday night we were invited to dinner with President and Sister Marble and Elder and Sister Bentley.  We went to a Chinese place close to the mission office.  It was pretty good food.  We had an enjoyable time visiting with them.  It was nice to spend the evening with them.  

Bentley's  - Us - Marble
Elder Morote and Moore were still working at the office getting ready for transfers on Monday.  They took pictures for us. 

After we got back to the temple Friday night, we saw this sweet sister.  She's one of our friends.

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