Monday, June 26, 2017

Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!

Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!
June 26, 2017 
Monday Evening

Our friends Bill and Sandy Hartman like VWs.   They served with us as temple missionaries, but have been home for almost 8 months.  When we would go places with them, we often heard, "Look Bill, a Volkswagon." 

Tonight Wayne and I walked to the mall and saw this on the way.  We both almost said at the same time, "Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!  It made us think of them and brought back fun memories.   

As we walk to the mall, we always pass this little store that sells wallpaper and decorating ideas.  This Volkswagen was parked on the curb advertising the store.  The sign is attached to the car, so it's a moving advertisement too.

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