Monday, June 12, 2017



A few weeks ago Sister Cinturion asked me what my favorite color was.  I told her Yellow.  Saturday when she saw me at the temple, she could hardly contain herself as she ushered me to her locker.  She gave me these beautiful sunflowers she crochet.  They are beautiful and will be a great memory of her.   

Miguel's little boys Samir and James have been special to us.  When we came back after being home while the temple was closed, we brought them each back a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mini car with mini figures.  They loved them.  Miguel brought us these turtles and snake Saturday and said his boys made them for us.  So sweet of them!  They are the only two little kids here that we've really got to know and so glad we did.  We love them!  

Samir and James when James broke his arm a few months ago.
Samir - James - Suzie

Our friend Miguel La Serna

The people here are so loving and kind. We will miss them!!

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