Sunday, June 4, 2017

Barrett 33 yrs * Another Sunday * Happy Birthday Pedro * Em & Grandpa Haws Grave

Another Sunday!
33 Years ago today, Barrett passed away

Wayne had the guards get us a taxi to ride to church in.  We were worried when we saw it pull in.  It was a old, very old, white station wagon and it could hardly keep running.  We did NOT want to even get in it.  I told Wayne it would be OK, it would help us appreciate the nice taxis.  It took us 25 minutes to get to the church and we didn't go faster than 10 mph.  When we got to the church, he wanted 15 doles, Wayne gave him 10 which was way more than we should have paid him.

This is the back of the taxi, I really wondered if there was even a door back there.

We went to the California ward for our meetings.  Pedro Miranda told Wayne we should visit his ward, so we did.  It was fast Sunday and the power was off in all of Trujillo, so it was kind of hard to hear the testimonies.  I can't really understand anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.  President and Sister Casos were there and Pedro's parents were visiting.  

I don't know who this first sister is, she's not a missionary in the ward.  Sister Sost - Sister Vasquez - Sister Wright , she's from Oregon and goes home on July 25th.  There is a really big group of missionaries leaving that day, We'll be leaving 2 weeks before they do.  

.After the meetings, Pedro invited us to eat dinner at his house.  President and Sister Casos were invited too, so we rode to the house with them.

Pedro's Dad - Sister Casos - Sister Miranda - Wayne  Outside the church

President Casos talking to Melody

We arrived at the Miranda house, it's the one on the second floor.  A very nice house.  

They have a park across the street.  The view from their balcony.

Their living room.
Their house is very nice and is decorated modern and cute.  Very simple and clean.

Sister Miranda served us Won tons and a lovely Chinese meal with sweet and sour chicken.  Soup too.  After we ate, we took some pictures and had an enjoyable tome visiting.  We talked about a lot of different things.  I understood some of what was said.  

The Miranda's

Brother and Sister Miranda - Pedro and his wife - Me and Wayne - President and Sister Casos

Pedro's Dad - Pedro's Son - Pedro

Their Peruvian Dog

President Casos - Brother Miranda - Pedro - Wayne

Sister Miranda

These friends came to visit and brought a cake.  Feliz Dia Pedro was on the cake.  It was Pedro's Birthday.  We didn't even know until they brought out the cake, he's 45.   

We sang Happy Birthday and Pedro blew out the candles.  

 Pedro got his face smashed in the cake,  it's a tradition here in Peru.

House #545  One last good-bye
We had a wonderful afternoon and got home about 5:00 pm.  We've made some wonderful friends while we've been here and the Miranda's are some of them.  We love them and will always remember them and this day!
Happy Birthday Pedro!!

On June 1st, Emily was with the YW  and YM of her ward at their youth conference.  They went to the Salt Lake Cemetery and she sent us this picture.  She found Grandpa and Grandma Haws grave.  I wanted to save this cute picture of her and her find.  

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