Sunday, June 11, 2017

Busy Saturday * Wonder Woman * Laureles Stake Conference * New Suit

Another Weekend!

Saturday morning at 6:30, we opened the temple and were there for a few hours.  They had enough help, so they decided we'd be better help in the afternoon.  We walked to the mall for lunch and we were really happy to see they put some oil down on the street.  They've been trying to get the damage from the huico fixed.  
This was taken as we're walking toward the mall.

I got a regular hamburger with cheese and a tomato from Mc Donalds for lunch.

Image result for la sangucheria trujillo Peru
Wayne got a sandwich.  
We spent Saturday afternoon in the temple but we left a little early to go pick up Wayne's suit from the tailor.  

Saturday night, we went to the Real Plaza Mall and had dinner at TGI Friday's.  We walked around and watched people and just enjoyed the evening.  

Dinner at TGI Friday's

We found this!

We watched Wonder Woman in English in the Prime theater.  It was so nice to relax in the recliner chairs.  For a minute we forgot we were in Peru.

We had a busy but good day.  It was a date, we're always together, but it felt like this was a date.  We got home about 12:30 pm.

Today was the stake conference for the Laureles Stake.  It's always fun to go to stake conference because we always see a lot of our member friends and the missionaries.  

The missionaries were lined up the hall from the back entrance to the front entrance greeting the members as they arrived to the conference.  It was pretty neat.  

Sisters Arista - Higginson - Guerro

Wayne's wearing his new suit!  I love it and him!

Nicole Bendizu

Outside, the members were everywhere.  It was impressive as we drove out the parking lot, the missionaries were lined up outside saying goodbye to the members. 

This will be the last time we will see most of these people.  We've got some wonderful friends in the Laureles stake. 


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