Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mall and Sites 6/21/2017

June 21, 2017

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of the dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple.

Wayne and I worked this morning.  There was a special session tonight, Wayne went to help, I wasn't needed so I've been catching up on blog posts.  This afternoon, we went for a walk to the mall. 

Wayne took these pictures of the mall as we walked from the main entrance to the food court.   

We stopped at Gelarti to get a Charlie Brownie, but they were out of Brownies.  

We shared a shake and enjoyed the afternoon. 

On our walk back to our apartment, I snuck this picture of inside the Jardin Preschool and Daycare.  We always pass it but never know what is inside.  From the outside, you can never tell what's inside the walls and gates, the door was open so I got this picture.

We saw this on the way home.

This group of guys were in front of the temple practicing their chants and marches.  We're not sure why they chose to do it in front of the temple.

It's been another good day.  The days are going by fast, I think we're both ready to go home though. 
18 Days 

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