Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh Danny Boy...

I meant to do this yesterday but hopefully you were all to busy to notice... anyway, I wanted to wish Danny a Happy Birthday!! (Just a little bit late).

I remember lot of things about all of us growing up, but I remember the most about you Danny. We like to joke that I was your second mom. I sure love you like I am! I remember when mom told me she was pregnant with you. I wasn't surprised at all because it just seemed about time to have another one. I'm sure I must have treated you like my own personal doll! :) Just a few of my favorite Danny memories.

I remember rocking you to sleep and singing to you. Oh, how I loved you. I remember your first word. I was convinced it was "Ice"!

I remember your first haircut. You were sitting outside on the lawn with your white blond curly hair and your bright blue eyes. I had flashbacks when we were cutting Zack's hair. I am pretty sure I cried when mom cut your curls off too.

I remember those two missing teeth too. I'm pretty sure I was there when you knocked them out. You used to chew on the plastic glasses... you had the cutest little smile though!

I remember when you were little and we shared a room (the room which is coincidentally your room now.) I used to try to read my scriptures at night. I was young and didn't really understand them, but you were younger. I remember you asked me to read them to you so every night you would sit while I read scriptures to you.

And who could forget your little love notes to me. You could barely write your letters but spelled out my name in a sweet note that I still have! "I love you MLE".

When I went away to college you were so little. Every time I came home you grew a little more. Now you're all grown up and as cute as ever. I'm so proud of the man you've become and I'm so proud of you for the decision to go on a mission. It's the right one and I know you'll be blessed and you'll be happy.

Munchkin, George... my little friend!! :) Happy Birthday kiddo! I love you!
Love, Em


Danny said...

I sure still love you MLE.

Natalie said...

What a cute post.
I love you too, Danno. In my eyes you will always be 10 years old.
Be careful in Costa Rica. We will miss you.

Nick and Tami said...

Here I am sitting in my classroom... CRYING! I'm sure if someone walked in they would wonder what was going on. Emily, that was such a sweet post and I wish I would have been the one that posted it. Danny, I love you so much and I will miss you while you're gone. Like Nat said, be careful in Costa Rica! Love ya!