Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls Night/Boys LAN Party

Well, after much ado, we have decided to schedule our girls night craft night. Shawnee, McKenzie, Natalie, Shanna, and I all decided on Saturday, February 16th I'm thinking 5:00ish. Here's how it's going to work (as far as I can tell):
Each month someone different is in charge of the craft and approves it with everyone (on the blog or elsewhere). The person in charge purchases all of the supplies (paint is optional) and then lets the rest know how much everyone owes her.
I will be in charge of the February craft this month so hopefully I can think of something cute. Once I find something cute, I will post it..
Let me know what you all think.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for our girls night. I love hanging out with all of you, and I am so excited to keep in touch with Shanna! Thanks everybody for letting me be a part of your family! I really appreciate it more than you know.

Natalie said...

I'm very, very, very excited!!! Are we going to do a valentine's, St. Patrick's, Easter, or Spring craft???
Either way, I think it'll be fabulous!!!
By the way, maybe we should try to keep the price down to about $10 each month... I don't know.

Nick and Tami said...

I like the idea of keeping it down to $10 a month because pretty soon I will be the only one working and we won't be able to afford much. Good idea. About the craft... what would you guys prefer? St. Patty's day craft, spring, or easter?

stalee said...

How come you guys do fun things like this. Where are my sisters and were are my girls night out.I love you guys so much. Have fun crafting!!!

Natalie said...

Stalee brings up a good point... It doesn't have to be just our "real" sisters. Adopted sisters should be welcome as well.

Nick and Tami said...

Stalee, you're more than welcome to come. It would actually be really fun to have you there!