Friday, November 4, 2016

Gringo Loco

Yesterday, the 3rd of November,  we went with Bill and Sandy to have dinner at the Gringo Loco Burger Grill.  A few weeks ago, Elder Turner and Elder Messner introduced them to us when we were eating lunch at Chili's. They told us we should go eat there sometime.  We were excited to see what it was all about.    


Bill and Sandy got the Double Trouble.  It is two grilled cheese sandwiches with a hamburger in between them with caramelized onions and some sauce.  They said it was delicious.

Wayne, Richard the owner, Bill

Wayne had the Texas Burger, it had lots of stuff on it even BBQ sauce.  I had the Alamo Burger, it had avocado, grilled onions, and some sauces.  It was the really big.  They were both really good.  

Gringo Loco is owned by Richard Brown and Jacqueline Suarez.  Richard is from Texas and Jacqueline is from Peru.  They lived in Texas for a while, but she wanted to come back to Peru, so they opened Gringo Loco. Richard is a chef so he know about making good food.  It's really hard to find a good hamburger in Trujillo, so they came up with Gringo Loco. They have gourmet hamburgers with a Texas theme.  They're the kind of burgers you could eat with a fork, big and kind of messy. They have many different burgers and even a BBQ chicken pizza we might go back and try someday.  Richard and Jacqueline are wonderful people. They're members of the church. We can see why the missionaries recommended it and we can see why they all like to eat there. Richard said he's catering a meeting for about 100 missionaries in a few weeks.  We had a wonderful experience and it's good to know we can get a good hamburger in Trujillo.  It was fun to meet Richard and Jacqueline.


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