Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This morning while Wayne and I were serving in the temple, we had an interesting experience.  We wonder if it is a coincidence or if someone is trying to tell us something.

It was almost time for our service to be over for the day, when I went in the office to see Wayne.  The temple presidency was having a meeting so he was answering phones and helping.  While we talked about the day, one of the brothers brought the baptism and confirmation slips to be recorded.  Wayne took care and recorded the completed names.  On the top of the stack of sisters confirmation names still needing to be done,  was the name Marie Hawes.  We both commented on how weird that was to have his mom's name there, although it was spelled a little different.  I said something about her birthday couldn't be 1919.  Her birthday was September 10, 1904.   September 10, 1919 is Wayne's mom's birthday.  Not exactly the birth year but the same birthday.  How funny is that.

When we got home, Wayne told Greg about this so Greg went to Family Search to see if we're related to this Marie Hawes.  Greg said she was baptized on October 27, 2016 in Payson, Utah.  October 27th is Wayne's birthday.  Coincidence?

Just to fill in a few spaces:

 A week or so ago, Wayne mentioned how he wondered if his Mom and Dad would be proud of him for serving this mission and doing the things he's doing.  I assured him they would be very happy and proud of him.

Wayne and his mom talked before about her coming to visit him after she dies.  He told her not to just walk in and spook him.  He told her she'd need to give him some kind of a sign. Today I think this little coincidence was maybe a sign from his mother that she knows what he's doing and yes, she's proud of him.

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