Sunday, November 20, 2016

Barrio Los Robles in Esperanza * Last Sunday with Bill and Sandy

 Today we went to the Los Robles ward in La Esperanza!

We went with Bill and Sandy, they have been to this ward before and told us what a big ward it was with two Relief Society groups and two Priesthood groups.  Bill opened this area of Esperanza for missionary work as a young missionary 50 years ago. Since it was Bill and Sandy's the last Sunday of their mission, they wanted to go to this ward because they were dividing the ward and making two wards. The church was full.  The new ward is Nuevo Trujillo and they will meet at 3:00 pm.

President and Sister Marble were there, he spoke about when he served as a young missionary in Esperanza 45 years ago.  He told how the area then, didn't have any power and water, they use to study with candle light. President Bravo closed the meeting.  I was so glad he acknowledged Bill, and thanked him for serving as a missionary now and in Esperanza 50 years ago, he said Bill plowed the ground and President Marble planted seeds.

This morning at 8:00, they made the Milagro branch a ward, so now there are 9 wards in La Esperanza Stake.  President Bravo said they will be dividing the stake soon.  He said these are good troubles to have in a stake.  The church is growing.  It was just neat to be in the meeting and to feel the warm spirit of the members in this ward.  So glad we were in attendance.

Across the street from the church.

The church is on this street.

This is a Sister that works in the temple with her daughter and grand children.

Sister O'Brien from Nampa Idaho  and Sister Tobar from Guayaquil Ecuador with one of their investigators.  

Wayne with Elder Spencer from Idaho Falls and Elder Delgado from Ariquipa

I took this picture of this little class through the window

Elder Thompson and Elder Alcarraz

Elder Logan, Elder Thompson, Elder Dorado, Elder Lengua, Elder Herde, YM handing out announcements, ElderAlcarraz.  The man in the front is just someone in the Jersulem Ward. 

Elder Lengua from Lima and Elder Herde from Idaho Falls 
Elder Dorado and Elder Logan who has only been on this area for 5 days.  Wayne gave him a hug for me.

The Choir

Brother Hans Poma and his family

Wayne with Brother Uceda and Brother Albuerque

Walking to get a taxi home

Looking back at the church

Along the street

Houses along the street

A broken taxi on the sidewalk

The junk the truck dumped

This man is staining wood door frames

Stained door frames

Houses along the way

I wanted a selfie of our last Sunday going to church together. 

My favorite! us with the temple 

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