Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bill and Sandy

November 17, 2016

These are our friends Bill and Sandy Hartman.  
Monday night they will leave Trujillo and this place they've called home for almost 18 months.  They have finished their temple mission and will return home to Logan, Utah with honor.  They are wonderful people!  We have had many fun adventures with them. 

There are a lot of little thing we'll always remember about them, we call them our Hartmanisims.  Inca Cola, Sublime, speaker phone calls, ext 216, FHE, Bingo, the elevator, key to gym, "only in Peru", Monopoly, "slug bug", Chili's, chicken fired chicken, frozen limonada con granadina, Tottus, Wongs, Squalos, Dan Lac milk, sharing pictures, blogs, emails, text messages, "Bill can't have any", young missionaries, playing cards, "stop talking", tush, smiley, me broder, Mr. Magoo, bathrobe, bigger apartment, going to church, 10 minutes early, shared taxis, middle seat, station wagons, yellow taxis, movies in English, recliner seats, una mas foto, estadados desnudos, the temple, special sessions, spare change, step child, Church News, BYU football, World Series, birthday cake, Deal or No Deal, the circus, chocolate caramels, candy to little kids, sharing, their smiles, their laughs, their generosity, and their love.  

Good things always seem to end, but our friendship will be for eternity.  We've talked about how it will never be the same, and it won't be, but we'll always have the memories and the photos of the wonderful time we've shared together as missionaries in the Trujillo Temple! 
We love you Bill and Sandy!  Thanks for the adventure.
We will miss you.

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